Why Seung-Hyun left F.T. Island?

Why Seung-Hyun left F.T. Island?

Seung-Hyun has left FT Island to pursue his dreams of acting full-time. The band have been together since 2007, with Seung-Hyun, Lee Hong-gi, Lee Jae-jin and Choi Min-hwan currently making up the line-up.

Is F.T. Island still together?

The band currently consists of main vocalist Lee Hong-gi, bassist Lee Jae-jin, and drummer Choi Min-hwan. Guitarist Oh Won-bin left the band in 2009 and was replaced by Song Seung-hyun.

Who is the leader of F.T. Island?

He served as the leader, guitarist, and keyboardist of rock band F.T. Island from its debut in 2007 until his retirement from the entertainment industry in 2019….

Choi Jong-hoon
Years active 2007–2019
Labels FNC AI Warner Japan
Website fncent.com/ftisland/
Korean name

Where is F.T. Island now?

Following the Burning Sun scandal, the current member lineup of F.T. Island includes Hong-gi, Jae-jin, and Min-hwan, who all took turns enlisting in the military. All three have completed their service, as of August 2021, and are back to entertain their loyal fans again.

Who married in F.T. Island?

Choi Min-hwan
Born 11 November 1992 Seoul, South Korea
Occupation Singer musician drummer actor
Spouse(s) Kim Yul-hee ​ ( m. 2018)​

How many members does F.T. Island have?

Island (FT아일랜드) is a South Korean band that currently consists of 3 members: Hongki, Jaejin, and Minhwan.

How many members does Ftisland have?

Is Minhwan still in FT Island?

He is a member of rock band F.T. Island, in which he serves as the drummer and backing vocalist….

Choi Min-hwan
Instruments Drums guitar
Years active 2007–present
Labels FNC AI Warner Japan
Website fncent.com/ftisland/

What did Choi Jong-hoon do?

On May 9, 2019, Choi Jong-hoon was arrested on charges of gang rape and illegal filming of women along with Jung Joon-young, former mainstay of the Korean TV show “2 Days & 1 Night” and three others. They were accused of gang raping women in Hongcheon, Gangwon Province in January 2016 and in Daegu in March 2016.

Is F.T. Island popular in Japan?

K-pop rock band FT Island has proved its popularity in Japan with its new chart-topping song “Just Do It.” K-pop rock band FT Island has dominated Japan’s music charts with its new single “Just Do It.” The song, released Wednesday, topped HMV’s Asian album chart and Amazon Japan’s Asian pop chart.

When did Yulhee marry?

October 19, 2018 (Choi Min-hwan)Yulhee / Wedding date

Is Yulhee married?

Choi Min-hwanYulhee / Spouse (m. 2018)

What is the fandom name of Oh My Girl?

On the same day, Oh My Girl announced their official fandom name, “Miracle”, at their comeback showcase for Pink Ocean and also on the group’s V-app. The group promoted “Liar Liar” and “Step by Step”, a B-side written by B1A4’s Jinyoung, on their comeback stages and at guerrilla concerts in Hongdae and Sinchon.

Who is Yulhee married to?

Is Minhwan in the military?

FTISLAND’s Minhwan is back from military service! In February 2020, Minhwan began his mandatory military service in the full-time reserve forces. These reserve forces commute from home during their service and serve in the area related to homeland defence.

What did Choi Jong Hoon do?

How old is Yulhee?

24 years (November 27, 1997)Yulhee / Age

When did Yulhee and Minhwan start dating?

In September 2017, Choi’s agency confirmed that he was dating former Laboum member Kim Yul-hee. On January 4, 2018, Choi personally delivered the news of his engagement to Kim via his Instagram and revealed his plans to marry later that year.