Why is my CB antenna not working?

Why is my CB antenna not working?

If your radio doesn’t power on, you’ll want to check the in-line fuse found in the CB’s power cord. If it’s burned out, this will prevent your radio from powering on. You’ll also want to hook the CB power leads directly to your battery terminals, black to black and red to red.

Does a Firestik CB antenna need to be grounded?

Q How important is it to have the antenna mount grounded to the vehicle? A Unless you are using a no-ground plane system, it is extremely important. Ungrounded mounts will usually cause SWR to be high across all channels.

Do mobile CB antennas need to be grounded?

Ground Your Antenna Mount If you’re using a standard CB antenna (i.e., anything except a no ground plane, or NGP, kit), you’ll need to make sure your antenna mount is solidly grounded to the vehicle’s chassis. A bad ground will result in an un-tunable antenna and sky-high SWR levels.

Are Firestik antennas any good?

It’s our top recommendation if you’re looking for a quality, high performance CB antenna that will give you great range and last. Firestik prides itself on its high-quality, USA-made equipment, and this antenna is backed by a 5-year replacement warranty.

How do you ground a Firestik?

All you need to do is to run a short (as short as possible) ground wire from the mount to a place on the vehicle that has a good chassis ground. Usually on the swing-away tire racks it is necessary to run the coax down one of the support bars to allow it to be routed to the radio.

How do you ground a mobile antenna?

(1) GROUNDING ANTENNA: Obtaining a good ground is very important to any HF mobile installation. No matter where your antenna is mounted, it is highly recommended you run a heavy copper strap or braid (1″ to 3″) between the body and frame of your vehicle.

How do you check if an antenna is working?

How to Test for a Defective CB Antenna

  1. Using your multimeter, touch one of the probes to the metallic end of the antenna.
  2. Touch the other probe to the metallic threads at the end of the antenna.
  3. As you maintain contact with both probes, measure the circuit’s resistance.

Are Firesticks good CB antennas?

Firestik is an excellent company when it comes to CB antennas, cable and accessories. I really like the “KW” series, but found that these are so much easier to tune with “SWR” meter. Really like this antenna better and just a little more in price.

Why does a CB antenna need to be grounded?

Your antenna mount needs to be properly grounded for your antenna to function correctly. Without a solid ground, you’re bound to get high SWR levels and extremely poor performance.

Are Firestik CB antennas any good?

Our customers are never wrong so it’s no surprise to us that this antenna has received over 130 five-star reviews. It’s our top recommendation if you’re looking for a quality, high performance CB antenna that will give you great range and last.

How do you calibrate a CB antenna?

Turn the radio to channel 1. Key the microphone (depress the button and hold it). Turn the knob on the SWR meter labeled “SET” or “ADJUST” until the needle reaches the setting position at the end of its range. While still keying the microphone, flip the switch on the SWR meter to the “REF” or “SWR” position.

How do I know if my coax outlet is active?

How to Check if a Co-Axial Outlet Is Working

  1. Go to the area where the coaxial cables converge at a splitter or distribution panel.
  2. Screw the short length of coaxial cable to the wall jack.
  3. Examine the front panel of the testing unit.
  4. Press the “TEST” button if the indicator light remains unlit.