Where can I canoe in Algonquin Park?

Where can I canoe in Algonquin Park?

Here are some examples of canoe trip routes in Algonquin Park, but there are many more to discover and explore.

  • Ragged Falls Day Trip.
  • Costello Creek Day Trip.
  • Hailstorm Creek Guided Day Trip.
  • Rock Lake to Pen Lake Canoe Trip.
  • Tim to Rosebary Lake Canoe Route.
  • Canoe to Big Trout Canoe Route.
  • The Brent Run.

Can you drive around Algonquin Park?

Highway 60 is a provincial highway open year-round that passes through the southern portion of Algonquin Park. The Corridor is measured by kilometre markings from west (West Gate [km 0] to east (East Gate [km 56]).

How long is the drive through Algonquin Park?

Highway 60 cuts through Algonquin for 56 kilometres. Because the one-hour drive passes through conifer and hardwood trees, in September and October it’s one of Canada’s most spectacular road trips. Created in 1893, Algonquin is the oldest provincial park in Canada and the largest in Ontario.

Can you camp anywhere in Algonquin Park?

2. Camping in the Park Backcountry. Backcountry camping is permitted only at designated backcountry campsites. Each site is marked on the ground by an orange sign and on this map by a red or black triangle.

What is a portage route?

Portage or portaging (Canada: /pɔːrˈtɑːʒ/; US: /ˈpɔːrtɪdʒ/) is the practice of carrying water craft or cargo over land, either around an obstacle in a river, or between two bodies of water. A path where items are regularly carried between bodies of water is also called a portage.

Can you kayak in Algonquin Park?

Some of Algonquin Park’s larger lakes, like Lake Opeongo, Rock Lake or Galeairy, are well suited to this type of travel. While kayaks are certainly fast and fun to paddle, we generally discourage people from using them on trips with numerous or lengthy portages.

Is there a fee to drive through Algonquin Park?

Ontario Parks charges fees for all day use entry into Algonquin Park….Daily Vehicle Permit Costs.

Daily Vehicle Permit along Highway 60 $21.00*/vehicle/day
All other locations $18.00*/vehicle/day

Are there roads in Algonquin Park?

The Park is located at approximately 45.8°, -78.4°. Highway 60, the Park’s only major highway (open year-round), runs through the south end of Algonquin Park as is easily accessible by car. The East Gate is located just west of the town of Whitney, Ontario.

How long is Hwy 60 through Algonquin Park?

King’s Highway 60, commonly referred to as Highway 60, is a provincially maintained highway in the Canadian province of Ontario. The 255.8-kilometre (158.9 mi) highway serves as the primary corridor through Algonquin Provincial Park, where it is dedicated as the Frank McDougall Parkway.

Can you drink alcohol in Algonquin Park?

Alcohol is restricted to a registered campsite only, and is prohibited in all public areas including beaches and roadways. Fireworks are prohibited. Firearms are prohibited.

What’s the longest portage in Algonquin Park?


  • Trip Distance: 424km.
  • Total Portages: 107 (based on Jeff’s Maps & not including the endless wading up the Big East)
  • Total Portage Distance: 64km based on Jeff’s Maps & not incl.
  • Longest Portage: 5,400m.
  • Most Difficult Portage: Wading up the Big East River.

How do I book a canoe trip in Algonquin Park?

To make a reservations for a backcountry trip or a reservation for a Ranger Cabins, call 1-888-ONT-PARK (1-888-668-7275) [or (519) 826-5290 for outside of North America] or make a reservation Online.

Can you portage with a kayak?

Compared to the joys of kayaking on water, kayak portaging isn’t much fun but sometimes you just don’t have a choice. The secret to making portaging as painless as possible is to prepare in advance, know your route, and use the right techniques.

Do I need a permit to drive through Algonquin?

People traveling through Algonquin Park on Highway 60 between Oxtongue Lake and Whitney, Ontario do not need a permit. However, if you use any facilities (e.g. trail, picnic ground, bathroom, etc.) a permit is required.

Can you see the Northern Lights from Algonquin Park?

Northern Edge Algonquin: If you’re visiting central Ontario, do Northern Edge Algonquin’s Fire & Ice trip in rugged Algonquin Provincial Park, where you just might spot the Lights from your guided cross-country ski, snowshoe, or nighttime ice skate on the frozen lake.

Do we need permit for Algonquin Park?

Seasonal day use permits include annual, summer, and winter versions. People traveling through Algonquin Park on Highway 60 between Oxtongue Lake and Whitney, Ontario do not need a permit. However, if you use any facilities (e.g. trail, picnic ground, bathroom, etc.) a permit is required.

How deep are the lakes in Algonquin Park?

A store with camping supplies and dock, Algonquin access point 11 and the Harkness Laboratory of Fisheries Research are located on Sproule Bay at south end of South Arm and are all accessible from Ontario Highway 60….

Opeongo Lake
Average depth 14.6 m (48 ft)
Max. depth 49.4 m (162 ft)
Surface elevation 403 m (1,322 ft)