Who is the Registrar of Companies NZ?

Who is the Registrar of Companies NZ?

Sanjai Raj is the Registrar of: Building Societies. Companies. Financial Service Providers.

What is the biggest NZ company?

Largest firms

Name 2016 Revenues (NZ$ million) Revenue per Employee (NZ$ thousand)
Fonterra 19,230 898
Fletcher Building 9,004 450
Woolworths NZ 6,100 339
Air New Zealand 5,231 497

Can a non resident be a director of a NZ company?

In many cases, you can become a company director if you are not a permanent citizen. However, all New Zealand companies must have at least one resident director who either lives: in New Zealand; or. in Australia, and is also a director of an Australian company.

How do I register a company in NZ?

To apply for registration, you’ll need a RealMe login to access the Companies Office website where you can:

  1. search the Companies Register to see if your business name is available.
  2. reserve your company name.
  3. register your company.
  4. file annual returns setting out contact details for the company and its directors.

How do I complain about a company NZ?

If you think a business or person is not complying with one of the laws we enforce, you can make a complaint to us. Alternatively you can call us on 0800 943 600 or email [email protected].

Who is the richest person in New Zealand?

NBR lists richest Kiwis

  • Alan Gibbs – $760 million (2021: $650m)
  • Sam Morgan – $650 million (2021: $580m)
  • Sir Colin Giltrap – $450 million (2021: $440m)
  • John Copson – $375 million (2021: $375m)
  • Drinkrow Family – $320 million (2021: $310m)
  • Bruce Miles – $170 million (new entry)
  • Grant Baker – $130 million (2021: $125m)

What is the richest company in NZ?

New Zealand’s largest companies by market capitalization

# Name M. Cap
1 Xero 1XRO.AX $8.82 B
2 Meridian Energy 2MEZ.AX $7.79 B
3 Fisher & Paykel Healthcare 3FPH.NZ $7.33 B
4 Auckland Airport 4AIA.AX $6.70 B

Who Cannot be a director of a company NZ?

According to section 151 of the Companies Act 1993, anyone can be a director of a company, except: A person who is under 18 years of age. A person who is an undischarged bankrupt.

What disqualifies you from being a company director?

What are the grounds of director disqualification? A director can be disqualified for a number of reasons, including wrongful trading, fraudulent trading or ‘unfit’ conduct. Failing to adhere to your duties as a director will result in an investigation and disqualification.

Can a foreigner register a company in New Zealand?

Can a foreigner start a company in New Zealand? Yes, investors and businesses can establish, own and operate businesses in New Zealand, as long as they satisfy the entrepreneur visa requirements.

How much does it cost to register a business name in NZ?

Reserving a company name is the first step to incorporating a new company on the Companies Register. Before you apply to reserve a name, you’ll need to make sure it’s available, and that it meets our criteria for a suitable name. There is a fee of $10 (plus GST) for reserving a company name.

How do I make a serious complaint about a company?

Check out 10 effective ways and online destinations to file complaints that a company will pay attention to.

  1. Go to the company website.
  2. Contact the Better Business Bureau.
  3. Contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).
  4. Check out the Ripoff Report.
  5. Email [email protected].
  6. Try Yelp.
  7. Post on Planet Feedback.

How do I find a company’s contact information?

Researching Prospects: The 5 Best Websites To Find Contact Information

  1. LinkedIn. LinkedIn is probably one of the most useful tools for finding who you are looking for.
  2. Data.com. Data.com is an open source contact management database.
  3. Manta.com.
  4. The Company Website.
  5. Yelp.

How do I find information on a private company?

Most companies have D&B reports (generally for credit information). Dun & Bradstreet is a publisher that often actively seeks information from private firms by directly calling the company. Much of the information in a D&B report is voluntary so the quantity of information will likely vary from company to company.

Who is the richest family in NZ?

Graeme Richard Hart (born 1955) is a New Zealand billionaire businessman and the country’s wealthiest person. He prefers to stay out of the media and makes few public appearances. As of March 2022, his net worth was estimated at US$9.7 billion.

Who is the richest person in New Zealand 2022?

magnate Graeme Hart
Packaging magnate Graeme Hart remains the richest individual with an estimated $12 billion fortune while film makers Sir Peter Jackson and Dame Fran Walsh join the billionaire club thanks to the $2.3b sale of Weta Digital’s technology in 2021.

What can stop you being a director?

A director can be disqualified for a number of reasons, including wrongful trading, fraudulent trading or ‘unfit’ conduct. Failing to adhere to your duties as a director will result in an investigation and disqualification.