What McDonald toys are worth anything?

What McDonald toys are worth anything?

21 Most Valuable McDonald’s Toys to Date

  • Kung Fu Panda. Released: 2008.
  • Space Jam 2 (Tie) Released: 2021.
  • Jurassic World (Tie) Released: 2020.
  • Disney’s Toy Story 2. Released: 1999.
  • Happy Meal Toys (Tie) Released: 1988.
  • Muppet Babies (Tie) Released: 1986.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants (Tie) Released: 2021.
  • Furbies (Tie) Released: 1998.

What are the 50th anniversary mcdonalds toys?

The new Walt Disney World 50th anniversary toy collection includes Mickey and Minnie riding (what else?) Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway, a dizzy Donald spinning on the Mad Tea Party (complete with a hidden Mickey), Pluto skippering the Jungle Cruise, and Goofy narrowly escaping the Yeti on Expedition Everest.

Can you just buy the McDonald’s toy?

Yes, you can. McDonald’s sells the toys separately for $1.69. However, if you buy it with a happy meal it will cost you $ 0.79 which is less than buying it separately. You can request the manager to let you buy the toy and most likely he/she will agree.

Are Old McDonald toys worth money?

Exorbitant prices for McDonald’s toys aren’t a rarity, either. A 2018 Today report revealed that some antique websites suggest prices in the hundreds of dollars for mint-condition Happy Meal toys.

Are there any Happy Meal toys worth money?

Over 42 years, McDonald’s has included toys in Happy Meals, and yet their greatest individual ‘toy’ in value is a Pikachu Card that’s not even a year old. Considering it’s a part of a set of cards, there’s no doubt that the 2021 Pokémon Cards are #1 on the Most Valuable Happy Meal toy list.

How many Mcdonalds Disney 50th Anniversary toys are there?

McDonald’s Surprises Disney Fans With Disney World 50th 2.0 Happy Meal Toys. Last year, McDonald’s announced they were teaming up with Disney and are releasing 50 limited-edition toys to celebrate 50 years of magic at Walt Disney World.

Are Old McDonald’s toys worth any money?

Are Mcdonalds toys from the 90s worth anything?

These toys were available in late July and August 1990, and are worth about $5 each. Surprisingly, the real money is in the Happy Meal boxes themselves, which sell for about $20 each. A full store display set of the original McDonald’s Mario toys sold for $625.

What is the most valuable vintage toy?

1) Barbie by Stefano Canturi, 2010 Non-bedazzled versions of the doll fetch far less but still top expensive toy lists, such as the 1965 Barbie in Midnight Red, going for more than $17K in 2006. A mint-condition original “#1 Ponytail” Barbie, who made her debut in 1959, sold for more than $27K in 2006.

What is the most popular McDonald’s Happy Meal toy of all time?

How many McDonald Disney toys are there?

Last year, McDonald’s announced they were teaming up with Disney and are releasing 50 limited-edition toys to celebrate 50 years of magic at Walt Disney World. For a limited time, many Disney fans flocked to their local McDonald’s in an attempt to purchase a Happy Meal and see which 50th-themed toy they received.

What McDonald’s toys are out now 2022?

“Lightyear” Happy Meal toys have landed at McDonald’s, featuring characters and space vehicles based on the Buzz Lightyear movie that will debut in theaters on June 17, 2022. There are eight toys in all, ranging from Buzz Lightyear in his spaceship to the evil Zurg in his purple ship.

How much did a Happy Meal cost in 1979?

$1.10 — Cost of the first Happy Meal, introduced in 1979 as the Circus Wagon Happy Meal. It included a burger, fries, drink, McDonaldland cookies and penny toys such as a McDoodler stencil or a McDonald’s character eraser.

What was the first McDonald’s toy?

When the Happy Meal was launched in 1979, the toys were a McDoodle stencil, a McWrist wallet, an ID bracelet, a puzzle lock, a spinning top or a McDonaldland character-shaped eraser.