Who is the original singer of Baby Come Back?

Who is the original singer of Baby Come Back?

“Baby, Come Back” is a song by the English band The Equals from their 1967 album Unequalled Equals. Written by Eddy Grant, the song was originally released as a B-side in 1966 and was later released as a single in continental Europe before being released as a single in the UK in 1968.

What year did the song Baby Come Back come out?

1977Baby Come Back / Released

Is Baby Come Back a one hit wonder?

Billboard Staff What do “Baby Got Back,” “I Can’t Wait,” and “Stacy’s Mom” have in common? They’re all one-hit wonders. In honor of “One-Hit Wonder Day,” Billboard staff each selected their favorite track that qualifies — loosely — as a one-hit wonder. Check out the picks below.

Who were the singers in player?

Peter BeckettJ.C. Crowley

What band made Baby Come Back?

“Baby Come Back” is a song by the British-American rock band Player….Baby Come Back (Player song)

“Baby Come Back”
Released October 13, 1977
Recorded 1977
Genre Soft rock
Length 3:28 (Single Version) 4:15 (Album Version)

Who wrote Baby come back the player?

J.C. CrowleyPeter Beckett
Baby Come Back/Composers

When did Justin Bieber’s Baby come out?

2010Baby / Released

Why did player break up?

The band continued until 1982 and played on the music series Solid Gold that year. But after this, the band once again found themselves without a record deal and elected to go their separate ways. Guitarist Miles Joseph later passed away of heart failure on December 25, 2012.

What music was popular 70 years ago?

Aside from disco, funk, smooth jazz, jazz fusion, and soul music remained popular throughout the decade. Rock music played an important part in the Western musical scene, with punk rock thriving throughout the mid to late 1970s.

How old was Justin Bieber when Baby came out?

15 years old
Justin Bieber was 15 years old when he recorded the song Baby.

Is REM back together?

R.E.M. fans, Michael Stipe doesn’t have encouraging news when it comes to ever seeing the seminal rock band ever together again. In a new interview for New York public radio station WNYC, Stipe was clear about his take on the future — or lack thereof — for R.E.M.: “We will never reunite.”