How do you tile in Uncharted 3?

How do you tile in Uncharted 3?

You need to make a square basically. Hit the left n next then go up to the next n and finally take a right to the last n and make a square, thus hitting the red n four times. Now it on to the X. Go up twice onto the Xs then take a left onto the third green X.

How do you solve the knight puzzle in Uncharted 3?

First the knight with the shield. Go up to him and turn him so the shield is pointing towards the other two knights across the room. Next the axe knight. Go to him and point him at the shield knight you will have to rotate him a couple times.

How do you become a knight in Uncharted 3?

In this puzzle, there are four knights that need to be lined up in order to open the secret passage Sully mentioned. Each knight has a weapon or shield. What you kneed to know is where each of them need to face, look at. In order to turn the state, run up to them and press the triangle button.

How do you get to the top of the tower in Uncharted 3?

Eventually all of the enemies will be gone, which will spawn two snipers in a tower on the other end of the courtyard. Sully will take them out with his RPG, leaving a hole for you and Cutter to get through. Climb up the rocks to make it to the top of the tower, meeting up with Chloe and Sully.

How do you let Sully go in the window in Uncharted 3?

Drop from the upper level to the lower level and then drop down again for a quick scene. In the library you can shoot the golden lock holding the window closed on the other side of the room to let Sully in and then wait for Sully to try and move the beam by the door.

Who is Sally Uncharted?

Victor “Sully” Sullivan is one of the two deuteragonists of the Uncharted series. He is an American treasure hunter, fortune seeker, and businessman, as well as a friend, one-time mentor and father figure of fellow treasure hunter Nathan Drake.

How do you find the North Star in Uncharted?

The north star is at the end of the little dipper. Basically the star that is brightest and the furthest down from the little dipper. So on the right it the little dipper. Follow the trail of stars down and at the end Nate should say got it or something along those lines.