What is a Livescribe pen used for?

What is a Livescribe pen used for?

The Livescribe smartpen is an assistive technology aid that facilitates the note-taking and learning process. Recording classroom discussions and taking fewer notes allows the dyslexic student to spend more time listening and learning.

Is the Livescribe pen worth it?

Actually working very well, the Livescribe Symphony is an appealingly priced option – if of course pricier than regular a pen and paper. If you’re keen to make your note taking a little more effective, this is a good solution. It looks just like a standard pen, albeit a little chunkier, and it works much like one.

Is Livescribe Echo discontinued?

What happened to the original Echo, and to the SKY smartpen? The Sky smartpen was discontinued by Livescribe in 2014 and is now no longer available.

What can you do with a smart pen?

The SmartPen is able to write, to record, to replay audio files and also to transmit information to other devices. Beside these basic features, the SmartPen has other applications such as a translator demo, a dictionary, games, and it also possible to personalize it in the way that the user wants.

Can you convert Livescribe to text?

You can use MyScript® for Livescribe to convert your handwritten notes to digital text.

Is livescribe still in business?

Livescribe is selling its business operations, technology, and intellectual property. “The Livescribe brand and existing infrastructure will be retained, with a goal of strengthening the position of both companies through the development and sale of new products,” the companies say in a separate joint statement.

Do smart pens need special paper?

Smart pens capture what you’ve written by hand and transform it into digital form. They do this via a few methods: Some require special paper or a tablet that provides a grid that functions as a sort of GPS for your pen, so it can translate the path of the pen into marks you can read as language.

Where can I buy a Livescribe pen?

United States

  • Livescribe.
  • Amazon.
  • Walmart.
  • Staples.
  • CDW.
  • Adorama.
  • Office Depot.
  • PC Connection.

What is the latest Livescribe pen?

Livescribe Symphony This premium smart pen offers up that traditional ink pen experience when you write in Livescribe’s notebook or special dot paper. A camera facing the nib then records your handwriting and transfers it to the Livescribe+ app on your smartphone, tablet, or computer once you’ve synced the devices.

Do all smart pens require special paper?

Some smart pens record what you’re writing using tech in the pen itself; others rely on special paper, your tablet, or your smartphone to capture the information.

How do you Digitise handwritten notes?

Another old-fashioned method of digitizing handwritten notes is by scanning them. You can use a physical document scanner, especially if you have many loose pages of notes to scan. After scanning your notes to a PDF or image, you still need to import it into a note-taking or note-storage app for further use.

Which Livescribe pen is the best?

Livescribe Symphony Smartpen
The best smart pen is the Livescribe Symphony Smartpen based on its features, internal storage, battery life, and price.