What is a bypass track?

What is a bypass track?

Available on each of our shutter products, the Bypass Track System allows shutter panels to slide past each other on top tracks to open and close, and is perfect for sliding glass doors. The Bypass Open Louver system allows the louvers to remain open while sliding or stacking, maximizing the panoramic view.

Can you cut bypass door track?

Tracks can be cut according to the size of your space and the rollers on your door can be adjusted since they come with screws that can change the lift of the sliding door roller.

How thick are bypass doors?

The kits are designed to work with standard 1 ⅜-inch-thick interior doors.

Do bypass doors need a bottom track?

No. Larger bi-fold doors are also good candidates for a bottom guide track. Follow the same rule as with your sliding closet doors. If you think your bi-fold doors are going to be bumped a lot then a bottom guide track might be helpful.

What is the rough opening for bypass doors?

For two 32-inch doors, the opening should be 63 inches, to allow for a l-inch overlap.

How do you measure for bypass barn door hardware?

Measuring For Bypass Doors In this scenario, measure the width of the door frame (to the outside edge of the molding if you have it). If there is no molding, add 2-4” of width to add extra privacy. Now take your total width measurement and divide by two – this will give you the width of each bypass door.

What is on the bottom of a sliding door?

Bottom-Hung Sliding System Differences A bottom-hung system consists of two rollers at the bottom of the door running on a track, with two guides at the top running in a guide channel to keep the door stable and steady in all weather conditions.

What is the difference between a single bypass and double bypass barn door?

For a single door you need adjacent wall space that’s at least as wide as your door, while double doors need space on both sides of the opening.

What is the difference between bypass and sliding shower door?

Bypass doors make for efficient use of space since they require no space for the doors to swing out into the bathroom. Most sliding shower doors have metal tracks that guide the doors, but there are also frameless styles available, though these are considerably more expensive.

How much overlap should bypass barn doors have?

In addition to the half-inch overlap, the door panels of your bypass barn door should close so that one is concealed perfectly behind the other, without its inner or outer edge remaining visible from the front.

What is a bypass closet door?

Sliding closet doors (also known as bypass closet doors) are traditional sliding doors with two or more door panels that slide on a roller track. They are great for saving space, although the drawback is that only a portion of the closet can be accessed at any time.

Do sliding doors have a bottom track?

A bottom track is not necessary to install interior sliding doors. However, it is essential for exterior sliding doors, and all kits for exterior sliding doors will include a bottom track. The upper track is all that is needed to bear the weight of the interior sliding doors so they can be suspended.

How does a single track bypass barn door work?

In simple terms, a single bypass barn door is a bypass door whose hardware is only as wide as the combined width of both bypass door panels. This means that whenever one sliding door panel is opened, it either conceals or is concealed by the other.