How do you repair the plasma purge in Mass Effect?

How do you repair the plasma purge in Mass Effect?

Head to the tram and take it to the Rift Station….Talking to Mira will reveal that you have three options:

  1. Repair the Plasma Purge console with Hard Electronics.
  2. Bypass the quarantine door directly so you can kill them.
  3. Order Mira to “just open the door”, then pick “Do it anyway”.

Should you purge the Rachni?

He says that the rachni in the labs are beyond saving and you must activate the neutron purge to kill them all. If you’re looking for Benezia, he tells you he hasn’t seen her. Depending on your dialogue choices some of your squadmates may interject in the conversation.

How do I get to peak 15 in Mass Effect?

Noveria: Peak 15 Roof Go through a doorway to the west of the Mira Core and continue down the hallway beyond to reach an elevator, which will take you to the roof. When you reach the roof, pass through a door to exit to the exterior, where you’ll find several Rachni Soldiers and a clutch of Rachni Workers.

Who should I bring to Peak 15?

You should consider bringing along Garrus, as he has both Decryption and Electronics talents, and you’ll need both to get the most XP and loot. If you value unique dialogue, you should also bring Wrex, however combined with Liara this will lock you out of a lot of loot objects and the XP they also give.

Should I do the hot labs?

Enter the Hot Labs It is HIGHLY recommended that you do NOT do this Mission before completing the Rift Station and Quarantine Missions. They offer a good amount of XP and Morality Points, and completing Hot Labs will cause all NPCs involved with those two Missions to act hostile towards you.

Can you save Benezia?

Fortunately, Benezia is on her own for the final phase, so avoid her biotic attacks and lay your own at her to bring her down. Even though she can briefly be her former self, she knows she can’t escape Saren’s mind control as long as she’s still alive.

Should I go to the hot labs before Benezia?

Enter the Hot Labs They offer a good amount of XP and Morality Points, and completing Hot Labs will cause all NPCs involved with those two Missions to act hostile towards you. Completing this Mission before doing Matriarch Benezia will give some extra dialogue in the latter Mission.

Should I free the Rachni Queen me3?

The Rachni Queen in Mass Effect 3 Shepard can choose once again to free her, but this choice doesn’t come without sacrifice. If players decide to free the Queen again, they’ll effectively wipe out Aralakh Company, a Krogan war team that can be led by Grunt, provided he survives the Suicide Mission of Mass Effect 2.

Can you save matriarch Benezia?

How do I fix Mira Core in Mass Effect?

If at any time you get stuck on the puzzle, press the Interact button (A on Xbox, X on PlayStation) to quit out, letting you start again.

Which companion is Noveria?

The companions you bring are also up to you, though we recommend bringing Liara and Wrex to Noveria – Wrex has a lot to say, and Liara should be there for plot reasons.

Can you keep Benezia alive?

What happens if you let the Rachni Queen live?

If players choose to spare the Rachni Queen, she’ll flee to the wilderness of Noveria and promise Shepard that her children will remember the kindness shown to her by the Commander. If players decide to kill her, the Rachni Queen will plead with Shepard.

What happens if you bring Liara to Benezia?

You’ll meet Matriarch Benezia at last, and if you brought Liara, you’ll have some extra dialogue during this confrontation. It’s clear that Benezia intends to kill you, and she even shows off her Stasis biotic power that can freeze Shepard in place.

Is it possible to save Benezia?

Does Grunt live if I save the Queen?

If you spare either Queen, Grunt dies if he was disloyal. If he was loyal, Grunt survives regardless of your decision.

Do the rachni betray you?

If you enlist the help of the Clone Rachni Queen: the clone isn’t the same Rachni Queen, and ultimately will betray you. You initially get 100 points of Rachni support for the war; but ultimately they turn on you later in the game, and an email will reveal that they have fleed.

Does the Rachni Queen betray you?

How do you reset Mira in Mass Effect?