Do wildcard certificates work for Subsubdomains?

Do wildcard certificates work for Subsubdomains?

A Wildcard SSL certificate is marketed as being able to secure “unlimited subdomains” and that’s partially true but with the caveat that all those sub-domains must be at the same level of the URL. And generally, that’s not a problem.

What is premium wildcard?

Premium Wildcard SSL. Secure an unlimited number of subdomains within a website for a single price with Premium Wildcard SSL certificate. With 2048-bit ready encryption, Premium Wildcard SSL is a certificate like no other. One certificate to manage multiple subdomains!

What is Comodo SSL Wildcard?

ComodoCA SSL Wildcard SSL certificates allow you to secure the main domain and an unlimited number of sub-domains under the main domain. For example,,,, etc.

How many levels does a wildcard certificate cover?

With the wildcard option, main domain and all subdomains can be covered by one certificate. To accomplish this the asterisk (*) symbol is used place of the “www” in the FQDN. However, you can also have a Wildcard SSL certificate for two levels.

Why is my wildcard SSL not working on a second level subdomain?

Generally, it occurs on the first level. The problem is if your first-level subdomain has its own subdomain, which is called a second-level subdomain, you can’t use your wildcard on it. After all, as we stated earlier, the wildcard only works at one URL level.

What is GeoTrust wildcard DV?

Geotrust – GeoTrust DV Wildcard SSL. GeoTrust™ – True BusinessID Wildcard is a low cost Organization Validated SSL Certificate with 256 Bit Encryption to protect unlimited sub-domains with unlimited server licenses.

What happened to Comodo?

In October 2017, Francisco Partners acquired Comodo Certification Authority (Comodo CA) from Comodo Security Solutions, Inc. Francisco Partners rebranded Comodo CA in November 2018 to Sectigo. The change in name came less than a year after Comodo CA was acquired by Francisco Partners.

Is Comodo SSL good?

Are Comodo SSL Certificates Good? Comodo is one of the most trusted Certificate Authority in the market today. Comodo offers robust website security at highly competitive prices to its customers worldwide.

How does a wild card certificate work?

A SSL/TLS Wildcard certificate is a single certificate with a wildcard character (*) in the domain name field. This allows the certificate to secure multiple sub domain names (hosts) pertaining to the same base domain. For example, a wildcard certificate for *. (domainname).com, could be used for www.

Can you have multiple wildcard certificates?

Yes, you can use two different certificate for the same common name.

Can you have multiple wildcard SSL certificates?

Yes, a Wildcard SSL Certificate can be used on multiple servers.

What is GeoTrust global CA?

GeoTrust is a globally-recognized provider of TLS/SSL certificates—now powered by DigiCert, the industry-leader in high-assurance website security.

What is GeoTrust QuickSSL premium?

GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium is a domain authentication SSL certificate that is ideally popular in small and medium business. The certificate requires no paperwork and can be issued in a few minutes. The powerful encryption will keep sniffers away from ongoing information.

Did Sectigo buy Comodo?

We are the largest commercial Certificate Authority in the world, and now we take the next step in our evolution.

Is Comodo owned by Sectigo?

Comodo is not a public CA and has not issued SSL certificates since Sectigo spun out as a separate company in 2017. Sectigo and Comodo are entirely separate businesses with separate management, employees, systems, procedures, offices, and technology products.

Who Uses Comodo SSL?

Download a list of all 250,521 Current Comodo SSL Customers

Website Location Social Puerto Rico 400,000+ United States 10,000+ United States 50,000+ United States 1,000+

Is Comodo a trusted CA?

A fully Web Trust-compliant CA – the highest globally-recognized standard. Comodo controls more than one-quarter of the worldwide digital certificate market ● One of the most diverse and largest portfolio of PKI-based digital certificates.

Are wildcard certificates safe?

Wildcard certificates are used to cover all listed domains with the same private key making it easier to manage. Despite the benefits, the use of wildcard certificates creates significant security risks since the same private key is used across dispersed systems, increasing the risk of an organization-wide compromise.

Are wildcard certificates less secure?

In that sense, wildcard certificates are simply less secure and can open the door to phishing attacks. Thus, wildcard certificates can create significant security risks since the same private key is used across multiple systems, thereby increasing the risk of compromise across your organization.

Do you need a CSR for a wildcard certificate?

However, before a wildcard certificate is issued to you, like any other SSL certificate, you must generate a CSR. And, for that, you have to ensure that the format of the domain is correct. For example, to generate a CSR to secure the base domain and all its sub-domains, you need to enter the domain with * (asterisk).