Why are the nurses in Silent Hill sexualized?

Why are the nurses in Silent Hill sexualized?

More than this, however, they seem to be a nod to the film or Silent Hill 2. In the game, there are hints that Alex believed that the nurses in the military were overly sexualized to comfort the wounded soldiers (Alex also states this in his diary).

What do the nurses in Silent Hill represent?

The nurses appear in the hospital nightmare, as well as other places in both Silent Hill and Shepherd’s Glen. They represent Alex Shepherd’s hospitalization, and could possibly signify victims during his escape from Alchemilla.

How do you save Eileen in Silent Hill 4?

I thought you can heal Eileen when you’re about to get the umbilical cord from Frank’s room. Eileen heal: apartment world 2, in super’s room before you grab the umbilical cord box: push Eileen near shelf with box, light a holy candle. Push her right on top of it and watch her wounds heal.

Does Pyramid Head have a face?

Known for its large triangular helmet that conceals his head, Pyramid Head lacks a voice, a visible face, and their appearance stems from the town’s past as a place of execution.

Was Pyramid Head a good guy?

I’m not going to sit here and argue that Pyramid Head was a “good guy,” in Silent Hill 2, as this video by RagnarRox itself notes that Pyramid Head can be seen as kind of a boiled down, violent and unhealthy version of the main character’s need for power, sexual potency and lack of emotional attachment.

What are the monsters in Silent Hill Revelation?

Silent Hill: Revelation Monsters

  • Pyramid Head.
  • Mannequin Monster.
  • Dark Nurse.
  • Missionary (film)

What do Heathers monsters represent?

They loom over Heather and seem to represent the physical abuse a child might suffer at the hands of an adult. Specifically, they’re likely a reference to the abuse Alessa Gillespie endured from her mother Dahlia, in order to encourage enough hate in Alessa to make it possible for her to birth the Order’s God.

Do holy candles heal Eileen?

Holy Candles temporarily heal Eileen Galvin when they are placed next to her. The Holy Candles will also restore Eileen to a state where she is not possessed by Walter Sullivan and is able to walk faster.

How do you know if Eileen is possessed?

  1. If Eileen is not possessed, she will briefly comfort Henry when he falls to the floor in pain due to a severe headache, and calmly tell him that she is going to help little Walter before running off to do so.
  2. If Eileen is partially possessed, she will not react to Henry falling to the floor.

Is Colin a pyramid head?

He was portrayed by Roberto Campanella, who also portrayed Pyramid Head.

Was Alessa pregnant in Silent Hill?

Silent Hill 3 takes place 15 years after the original game, in which Harry Mason prevented a horrific god from being born into the world through Alessa — a young girl who was forcibly impregnated and then burned alive by her mother in ritual sacrifice.

What are the monsters in Silent Hill 1?

Silent Hill Monsters

  • Grey Child.
  • Incubator.
  • Split Head.