Who were the original comic book artists?

Who were the original comic book artists?

In February 1935, DC Comics’ precursor, National Allied Publications, published New Fun #1—the company’s first comic book and the first ever comic book consisting of completely original material. Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, soon to be known for creating Superman, began working on New Fun in October 1935.

What comics were popular in the 50’s?


  • Adventures of Pinky Lee, The #1 – Marvel Comics.
  • Billy Buckskin Western #1 – Marvel Comics.
  • Black Knight.
  • Cowboy Action #5 renamed from Western Thrillers – Marvel Comics.
  • Della Vision #1 – Marvel Comics.
  • Gunsmoke Western #32 renamed from Western Tales of Black Rider – Marvel Comics.

Who are the best comic book artists of all time?

15 Greatest Comic Book Artists Of All Time, According To Atlas…

  1. 1 Jack Kirby Is The King Of Comic Book Artistry.
  2. 2 Will Eisner Mixed Wonderful Art With Storytelling.
  3. 3 Neal Adams Ushered In The Bronze Age Of Comics.
  4. 4 Carl Barks Is The Artistic Father Of Scrooge McDuck.
  5. 5 Harvey Kurtzman Was Mad For Combat & MAD.

Who is the most famous comic book creator?

1. Stan Lee. Is there anyone who has had more influence over comic books than Stan Lee? This is, after all, the guy who created Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, The Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Thor and the X-Men.

Who are some famous Pop Art artists?

Andy WarholRoy LichtensteinKeith HaringRichard HamiltonDavid HockneyRomero Britto
Pop art/Artists

In American art, famous exponents of Pop Art included Robert Rauschenberg (1925-2008), Jasper Johns (b. 1930), Roy Lichtenstein (1923-97), and Andy Warhol (1928-87). Other American exponents included Jim Dine (b. 1935), Robert Indiana (aka John Clark) (b.

Who created the comic book art style?

The Swiss schoolmaster Rodolphe Töpffer (1799–1846) is usually credited with the invention of the comic strip, publishing seven of what we today would call comic books or, more recently, graphic novels. He drew his first, The Loves of Mr.

Which comic was published in 1950?

Peanuts – Easily the most famous and influential comic strip of all time, this Charles M. Schultz gem launched in 1950 and ran original strips until 2000 (with reruns still widely published to this day).

What is the most sought after comic book?

Detective Comics 27 and Action Comics 1 have always been the most valuable comic books, however, Amazing Fantasy 15 and Superman 1 have caught up in high grades (currently, Superman 1 holds the record).

Who is the best comic book artist today?

1 Dan Mora Can Draw Drama, Action, Horror & Anything In Between

  • marvel comics.
  • dc comics.
  • image comics.
  • boom! studios.
  • joelle jones.
  • jorge jimenez.
  • clay mann.
  • dan mora.

Who invented the comic book artist?

Who was famous for Pop Art in the 60s?

Andy Warhol
Andy Warhol is probably the best known figure in the Pop Art movement. It was in the early 1960s that he began to experiment with reproductions based on mass-produced images from popular culture such as Campbell’s soup tins and Coca Cola bottles.

Who is this artist known as the leading figure in Pop Art?

Andy Warhol is probably the most famous figure in pop art.

Who was the first person to make a comic strip?

schoolmaster Rodolphe Töpffer
The Swiss schoolmaster Rodolphe Töpffer (1799–1846) is usually credited with the invention of the comic strip, publishing seven of what we today would call comic books or, more recently, graphic novels. He drew his first, The Loves of Mr. Vieux Bois (fig.

What comic book came out in 1940?

Flash Comics (1940 series) #1 – National Periodical Publications. In this issue Gardner Fox and Harry Lampert’s The Flash makes his debut, as well as Fox and Dennis Neville’s Hawkman.

How much are comics from the 60s worth?

“Comics with an original cover price of 10 or 12 cents (those from the 1930s-1960s) generally fetch the highest values,” Zurzolo said.

Why are old comic books so expensive?

Very, very few were preserved properly. Most have frayed spines and yellowed pages. The one that sold on eBay was one of a handful that still looked as good as the day it was printed. That made it very much in demand by collectors.

How were old comic books drawn?

Throughout their long history, comic books were mostly produced using an assembly line-esque process. In most cases, a writer would turn in a script, which was adapted by a penciller into pictures (sometimes this was the same person).

Which comic has the best art?

Watchmen. Watchmen is one of the most lauded comics of all time, praised not only for its story telling, but its artwork, which is simple and calls back to the Golden Age of comics.

What is comic style art called?

Other terms used as synonyms for “comics” are “sequential art”, a term coined and popularized by Will Eisner, and graphic novel, which is normally used to denote book-form comics, although this usage is not consistent.