Who was controlling Big Bang Monokuma?

Who was controlling Big Bang Monokuma?

In the 5th chapter, it is hinted that Shirokuma was collaborating with Kurokuma in order to force the adults into battle. He later takes control of the Big Bang Monokuma to cause further havoc, attacking Komaru, Toko, Monaca, and Haiji in Towa Tower in an attempt to decapitate the leadership of both sides at once.

Who created Shirokuma?

Shirokuma is a pure white version of Monokuma. He is considered the idol of the the Resistance, because he has saved all the members of the group. He is also the one who created their secret base. It is revealed at the very end of the game, that Shirokuma, as well as Kurokuma are actually AI Junko Enoshima.

Who are the Monokuma kids?

Family Monomi (“sister”, Goodbye Despair) Motherkuma (mother, Killing Harmony)
Children Monokubs (Killing Harmony) Monotaro Monodam Monokid Monophanie Monosuke The Nanokumas
Creators Ultimate Despair Junko Enoshima Towa Group Monaca Towa
Talent Ultimate Despair Headmaster

What does Shirokuma mean?

Shirokuma literally means “white bear” and indicates “polar bear” in Japanese.

What is Kotoko’s trauma?

Due to her trauma caused by sexual abuse, Kotoko is triggered by the word “gentle” (優しい yasashii), as the men who abused her had said they would be “gentle”.

Is Jataro kemuri alive?

An image during the credits called “Children After The Story” shows that Jataro, Nagisa, Kotoko and Masaru are all alive and together.

Who does Monokuma hate?

He also likes to make fun of K1-B0 for being a robot, even though he is also one. In the case of the students, Monokuma generally dislikes those who don’t obey him or have such optimism or intelligence that they are harder for him to manipulate, and he tends to describe these people as “annoying”.

Is Monokuma a panda?

Monokuma is an evil panda bear that likes making people kill each other. He also likes Battle Royale games in general, such as PUBG.

Who is Monokuma wife?

She is best known for playing the title character in the long-running Doraemon anime series. She is also well known as the voice of Monokuma, the main villain from the Danganronpa video-game series….

Nobuyo Ōyama
Spouse(s) Keisuke Sagawa ​ ( m. 1964⁠–⁠2017)​

What did Kotoko’s dad do to her?

Kotoko’s father, on the other hand, used the money they gained for his own benefit, was cheating on his wife with his dental hygienist and overall didn’t seem to care about his family at all.

Why does Jataro wear a mask?

Jataro was forced to wear a mask and his mother was ashamed to show him to anyone, telling him that he doesn’t look like other kids. This caused Jataro to believe that he truly is very ugly.

What does Monokuma say when a body has been discovered?

You’re not serious, are you!? He’s not really dead, is he!? : A body has been discovered!

Why is the blood pink in Danganronpa?

15 It Features Pink Blood To Avoid Censorship Danganropa wanted to avoid any censorship or controversy before it could even get started so the development team changed the color of the blood from red to bright pink.

What is written on Tokos leg?

Hidden by her long skirt are tally marks carved onto her upper thighs—a count of how many men Genocide Jack has killed. On the left side of her chin is a small mole. Toko’s outfit is a typical purple Japanese school uniform with a noticeably lengthy skirt compared to those worn by other girls.

What was Monaca’s trauma?

Though Monaca was happy and childish on the outside, she felt like dying. It’s implied that she was physically abused, too, and one time she pretended to be badly wounded as a result. She started to pretend to be paraplegic because she was finally treated with some kindness and she could have more control over people.

Why is Monaca in a wheelchair?

She uses an electric wheelchair due to her supposedly incapacitated legs. Later in the story, it is revealed that she can actually walk and was only faking her incapability to walk.

Is Jataro dead?