Who was better Vieira or Makelele?

Who was better Vieira or Makelele?

Registered. As a defensive midfielder responsible for breaking up plays and destroying opposition attacks, Makelele is the vastly superior player. Vieira can do many, many things that Makelele can’t even come close to doing, but as an out and out DM, Makelele is much better.

Who is the best CDM ever?

Greatest Ever: Football’s Top 10 Defensive Midfielders of All…

  1. Lothar Matthaus (GER)
  2. Frank Rijkaard (NED)
  3. Roy Keane (IRE)
  4. Claude Makelele (FRA)
  5. Patrick Vieira (FRA)
  6. Didier Deschamps (FRA)
  7. Edgar Davids (NED)
  8. Graeme Souness (SCO)

Who is the best DMF in the world?

1. N’Golo Kante (Chelsea)

Who is the best defensive midfielder in the world 2020?

N’Golo Kante Kante is the best defensive midfielder in the world this season.

Who is the best defender in the world?

Perhaps some defenders are better than they seem and simply playing in a difficult system – while others are not necessarily the best players but protected by their side’s shape….

  1. Virgil van Dijk (Liverpool)
  2. Ruben Dias (Man City)
  3. David Alaba (Real Madrid)
  4. Antonio Rudiger (Chelsea)
  5. Kalidou Koulibaly (Napoli)

Is Casemiro better than Busquets?

Given all statistical values we believe that Casemiro is the better player at the moment.

Who is the fastest CDM in FIFA 21?

Fastest Midfielders in FIFA 21

Player OVR Pace
Douglas Costa 84 93
Allan Saint-Maximin 80 93
Lucas Moura 83 92
Franco Cervi 78 92

Who is the best AMF in the world?

Top 50 Best Attacking Midfielders Players

Rank Name
Rank Name
1 Ruslan Malinovskyi 92
2 Matheus Pereira 90
3 Dani Olmo 84

Who is the best CDM in 2021?

FIFA 21 Best Central Midfielders (CDM, CM, CAM)

  • Kevin De Bruyne – Manchester City – CAM | 91 OVR.
  • Casemiro – Real Madrid – CDM | 89 OVR.
  • Joshua Kimmich – Bayern München – CDM | 88 OVR.
  • Toni Kroos – Real Madrid – CM | 88 OVR.
  • N’Golo Kanté – Chelsea – CDM | 88 OVR.
  • Luka Modrić – Real Madrid – CM | 87 OVR.

Who is the fastest CB in the world?

1) Jeremiah St. Jeremiah St. Juste is the fastest centre-back in FIFA 22. The 24-year-old Dutch defender, like Lacroix, is not only fast but well-rounded, which makes him a top pick in any mode. Aside from his electric pace, St.

Who is the best dribbler in the world?

Lionel Messi (Paris Saint-Germain, CA = 194, Age = 34) – 20 dribbling.

  • Neymar (Paris Saint-Germain, CA = 180, Age = 29) – 20 dribbling.
  • Eden Hazard (Real Madrid, CA = 166, Age = 30) – 19 dribbling.
  • Luis Diaz (FC Porto, CA = 159, Age = 24) – 19 dribbling.
  • Who is the best number 7 in the world?

    Cristiano Ronaldo
    Cristiano Ronaldo Arguably the greatest player in football history, Ronaldo is the best number 7 of all time. The Portuguese star has won the Ballon D’or award five times in his career so far. He won his first Ballon d’Or during his time with Manchester United in 2008.

    Who is better Casemiro or Kante?

    In the 2020/21 season, Casemiro had 84% successful passing accuracy and 68% successful tackle accuracy. Where Kanté had 87% successful passing accuracy and 73% successful tackle accuracy….Personal stats :

    2021/22 Kante Casemiro
    Assists 3 3
    Completed Passes 85% 86%
    Successful Tackles 76% 70%
    Passes 825 1620

    How good is Sergio Busquets?

    The Great: His Calm and Elegance as a Passer Perhaps the greatest attribute about Sergio Busquets is his grace and elegance of his passes. His best plays are his skillful passes he delivers to his teammates. Busey has an exceptional on-the-pitch awareness to play offense.

    Who is the best CB in FIFA 21?

    FIFA 21 Best Centre Backs, CBs

    1. Virgil van Dijk – Liverpool – 90 OVR.
    2. Sergio Ramos – Real Madrid – 89 OVR.
    3. Kalidou Koulibaly – Napoli – 88 OVR.
    4. Aymeric Laporte – Manchester City – 87 OVR.
    5. Giorgio Chiellini – Piemonte Calcio – 87 OVR.
    6. Gerard Piqué – FC Barcelona – 86 OVR.
    7. Mats Hummels – Borussia Dortmund – 86 OVR.

    Who is better Modric or Kroos?

    Modric has a better work rate than Kroos and slightly better footwork which I feel enables him to play better up the pitch. Kroos’s calmness on the ball and better distribution makes him a better player in deeper positions. As a midfield duo they are one of the best in the world.

    Who is the best playmaker in football history?

    Lionel Messi
    All-time World’s Best Man Playmaker ranking (since 2006)

    Rank Player Points
    1 Lionel Messi 245
    2 Andrés Iniesta 197
    3 Xavi 130
    4 Luka Modrić 114