Who plays the king in the legend of Hercules?

Who plays the king in the legend of Hercules?

Scott Adkins
Scott Adkins’s character, King Amphitryon, is seen at two different ages in the film, younger and older, and Adkins created two different looks for the character.

Where did they film the legend of Hercules?

Action star Dwayne Johnson filmed his new, big-budget version of Hercules on location in Hungary. Production was based at Origo Film Studio in Budapest, a facility that offers eight separate sound stages.

Who plays Hebe in the legend of Hercules?

Gaia Weiss
There is quite a lot of roaring, though, and some swooning and sighing, mostly courtesy of Hebe (Gaia Weiss), the Cretan princess beloved by Hercules and betrothed to his brother.

How did Hebe live in the legend of Hercules?

Attacking Through Yourself: This is how Iphicles is killed when he holds Hebe hostage. She stabs herself through the chest, barely missing her heart to to hit his through her back, and amazingly survives.

Who plays Chiron in Hercules?

Chiron (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson in the first appearance, Louis Gossett, Jr. in the second appearance) – Centaur, Hero, famous hero-trainer and author.

Who is Hercules wife?

When Hercules grew up and had become a great warrior, he married Megara. They had two children. Hercules and Megara were very happy, but life didn’t turn out for them the way it does in the movie. Hera sent a fit of madness to Hercules that put him into so great a rage, he murdered Megara and the children.

Was Hercules Real?

A question of a fair bit of scholarly debate. He is usually, as the other answer says, portrayed as the son of Zeus in mythology. This does not however exclude the possibility, that there may have been a historical person at one point, that had a lot of stories writen around him.

Who plays the archer in Hercules?

Ingrid Bolsø Berdal
Ingrid Bolsø Berdal as Atalanta, the Amazon archer.

Who married Hebe?

Hebe (mythology)

Consort Heracles
Children Alexiares and Anicetus
Roman equivalent Juventas

Who was Meg’s ex boyfriend in Hercules?

Prince Adonis
In their first meeting in the episode Hercules and the Aetolian Amphora, Meg wants to forget all about her ex-boyfriend (later shown to be Prince Adonis) and shows very little to no remorse, but manipulate the young Hercules into helping her steal a jar of Lethe water.

Who voices Hermes in Hercules?

Paul ShafferHermes / Voiced by
Nancy Beiman served as the supervising animator for the three characters. Paul Shaffer as Hermes.

Who is Hercules son?

Megara and Hercules had three sons (though some sources claim eight children): Therimachus, Deicoon, and Creontiades.

Who voices Hades in Hercules?

James WoodsHades / Voiced by

How old is Megara Hercules?

The next biggest age gap is between Hercules and Meg, with Hercules thought to be 18 and Meg 28 in the 1997 film. Although Meg continually rejects Hercules throughout the film, she relents at the end!

Did Zeus and Hera have a child?

Zeus and Hera had three children together: Ares, the god of war; Hebe, a perpetually youthful beauty; and Eileithyia, the goddess of childbirth.

Who is Meg’s love interest?

In “Peter’s Daughter” Meg falls in love with a med-student named Michael Milano after coming out of a short coma caused by Peter. Meg soon then announces that she is pregnant by Michael and the two get engaged.