Who played in frozen on Broadway?

Who played in frozen on Broadway?


  • Ciara Renée. Elsa.
  • McKenzie Kurtz. Anna.
  • Ryan McCartan. Hans.
  • Ryann Redmond. Olaf.
  • Noah J. Ricketts. Kristoff.
  • Robert Creighton. Duke of Weselton.
  • Andrew Pirozzi. Sven.
  • Kevin Del Aguila. Oaken.

Who is starring in Frozen?

New Frozen London cast Samantha Barks will continue to play Elsa in Frozen and will be joined by Emily Lane, who is currently second cover Anna. Lane will take over the role full time from 28 September 2022. Also joining the cast on that date will be Djavan van de Fliert who will take over the role of Kristoff.

What are the roles in Frozen Jr?

Cast List for​ ​Frozen Jr.

  • Elsa – ​Leina S.
  • Anna – ​Aria A.
  • Olaf – ​Lea A.
  • Hans – ​Leah G.
  • Kristoff – ​David V.
  • Young Anna – ​Lia W.
  • Young Elsa – ​Grace W.
  • King Agnarr – ​Mohnish M.

Who plays Elsa on stage?

Who is Samantha Barks? Samantha Jane Barks is a 31-year-old British actress and singer who has performed on stage and screen as well as television.

Who has played Olaf on Broadway?

Greg Hildreth: Playing Olaf in Frozen, the Musical | Bostonia | BU Alumni Magazine.

Who plays Kristoff in frozen on Broadway?

Noah J. Ricketts
Noah J. Ricketts (Kristoff) and Patti Murin (Anna) in Frozen Broadway. Photo by Deen van Meer. Ryan McCartan (Hans) and McKenzie Kurtz (Anna) in FROZEN on Broadway.

Who is starring in Frozen West End?

Completing the cast are swings Jeremy Batt, Lauren Chia, Laura Emmitt, Matt Gillett, Justin-Lee Jones, Jemma Revell, Kerry Spark and Anna Woodside. Frozen The Musical was originally due to begin performances in October of 2020 but the theatre shutdown saw the opening move to April 2021 and then September 8.

Who is starring in Frozen Musical London?

The cast for the London run is led by Samantha Barks (Elsa) and Stephanie McKeon (Anna), as well as Obioma Ugoala (Kristoff), Craig Gallivan (Olaf), Oliver Ormson (Hans), Richard Frame (Weselton), and alternating the role of Sven, Mikayla Jade and Ashley Birchall.

Who is the lead in Frozen Jr?

The enchanting modern classic from Disney is ready for your Broadway Junior stars! FROZEN JR. is based on the 2018 Broadway musical, and brings Elsa, Anna, and the magical land of Arendelle to life, onstage….Cast:

Role Actor
Anna Emily Anton
Elsa Alaina Lish
Kristoff Xander Zeeb
Olaf Natalie Arko

Who is Pabbie in Frozen Jr?

Pabbie, also known as Grand Pabbie to those close to him, is a wise, elderly troll whose knowledge of magic helped Anna on more than one occasion.

Who played Elsa in Frozen 1 and 2?

Only the most astute, though, may recognize the voice of Elsa: Idina Menzel. As much as her singing voice is iconic, her speaking voice is sometimes different when heard in interviews. Of course, Menzel is not the only one who portrayed Elsa at two different ages.

Who is Samantha in Frozen?

There is no character Samantha in Frozen 2. Olaf, the snowman character, calls out for a “Samantha” while he is lost. He does this as a joke as there is no actual Samantha in the movie.

Who is the understudy for Elsa in Frozen musical?

Original 1st National Tour Cast Understudies: Understudy for Elsa – Caelan Creaser, Adrianna Rose Lyons.

Is Ryan McCartan in Frozen?

Ryan McCartan will return to the role of “Hans” on the Frozen North American tour from July 12 – September 4, 2022, replacing Austin Colby, who will play his final performance on July 10, 2022. McCartan has previously played “Hans” in the Broadway and touring productions of Frozen.

Who stars in West End Frozen?

The West End production of Frozen, scheduled to officially open November 11, will now open April 14, 2021. Starring West End alum Stephanie McKeon as Anna and Pretty Woman star Samantha Barks as Elsa, the Disney Theatricals musical begins performances April 2 at the newly restored Theatre Royal Drury Lane.

What is Elsa’s vocal range?

Elsa: age 13 to 18, vocal range top: D5 Vocal range bottom: F#3. the ambitious Prince of the Southern Isles and overlooked thirteenth son of a king. Hans constantly strives to find a way to make good and stand out.

Who plays Papa troll in Frozen?

Pabbie the troll is voiced by Ciarán Hinds.

Who is bishop in Frozen?

Robert Pine
Frozen (2013) – Robert Pine as Bishop – IMDb.