Who owns Villarreal football club?

Who owns Villarreal football club?

Fernando Roig Alfonso
Fernando Roig Alfonso is a Spanish billionaire businessman, the owner and president of the Spanish football club Villarreal CF, and owner of 9% of the Spanish supermarket chain Mercadona.

Why is Villareal so good?

Well, Villarreal is the result of some great managing and hard-work. With unknown players, they achieved spectacular results, and despite having little money, they gone toe-to-toe with Europe’s elite teams.

Are Villarreal a good team?

In 2019–20, Villarreal finished fifth, earning a place in the 2020–21 UEFA Europa League. The team advanced to the 2021 UEFA Europa League Final, where the club achieved a 1–1 result after extra time and beat favoured Manchester United 11–10 on penalties. This was the first major continental trophy won by the team.

Where is the soccer team Villarreal located?

Villarreal, SpainVillarreal CF / LocationVillarreal is a city in the province of Castellón which is part of the Valencian Community in the east of Spain.
The town is located at 42 m above sea level, 7 km to the south of the province’s capital. Villarreal is separated from Castelló de la Plana by the Millars River. Wikipedia

How much is Villarreal CF worth?

Villareal (€266.3 million)

How much is Juan Roig worth?

3.3 billion USD (2022)Juan Roig Alfonso / Net worth

Is Villareal rich?

Fernando Roig Alfonso (born 25 June 1947) is a Spanish billionaire businessman, the owner and president of the Spanish football club Villarreal CF, and owner of 9% of the Spanish supermarket chain Mercadona. As of October 2021, Forbes estimated his net worth at US$1.7 billion.

Is Villarreal a small team?

Villarreal: The small-town team threatening to knock out Bayern Munich from Champions League. The line-up for this season’s Champions League quarter-finals contains teams from Madrid (two), Munich, Lisbon, London, Manchester and Liverpool – some of Europe’s largest and most influential cities.

Who is the best player in Villarreal?

Villarreal CF

# Player / Current club
1 Bruno Soriano Retired 73
2 Manu Trigueros Villarreal CF 63
3 Mario Gaspar Villarreal CF 70
4 Marcos Senna Retired 70

Are Villarreal a small club?

Where are Villarreal based in Spain?

Villarreal, Valencian Vila-real, in full Vila-real de los Infantes, city, Castellón provincia (province), in the comunidad autónoma (autonomous community) of Valencia, eastern Spain. The city is northeast of Valencia city on the Mijares River, just southwest of Castellón de la Plana (Castelló de la Plana).

What is the nearest airport to Villarreal?

Castellon de la Plana
What is the nearest airport to Vila-real? The nearest airport to Vila-real is Castellon de la Plana (CDT) Airport which is 33.5 km away. Other nearby airports include Valencia (VLC) (59 km) and Alicante (ALC) (187.8 km).

When did Roig buy Villarreal?

The greatest moment in Villarreal’s 98-year-history was the crowning moment for a club whose irrepressible rise began just over 24 years ago, on the day Roig became club president. Fernando Roig at his first press conference as the owner of Villarreal CF in 1997.

How much is Mercadona worth?

The total sales value of Mercadona, leading supermarket chain in Spain, in Spain in 2021 amounted to 27.4 billion euros. The revenue was on an upward trend during the analyzed period of time, and increased by almost nine billion euros between 2014 and 2021.

Who owns Mercadona supermarkets?

Juan Roig
The richest grocer in Spain, Juan Roig is president and majority owner of supermarket giant Mercadona. Roig, his brother Fernando and wife Hortensia Herrero, also billionaires, bought the chain in 1981 from the Roigs’ father when it had just 8 stores.

How much is Villarreal squad worth?

Squad of Villarreal CF

# player Market value
4 Pau Torres P. Torres Centre-Back £45.00m
Jorge Cuenca J. Cuenca Centre-Back £7.20m
22 Aïssa Mandi A. Mandi Centre-Back £5.40m
3 Raúl Albiol R. Albiol Centre-Back £2.70m

Who is the best Player in Villarreal 2021?

Dani Parejo
Who is the best player in Villarreal 2021/2022? Currently the best player at Villarreal is Dani Parejo.

Why is Villarreal called Yellow Submarine?

On the day of their promotion, the city of Villarreal exploded with happiness in a huge party whose soundtrack was the Spanish version of ‘Yellow Submarine’. Due to the fact of the yellow of the team’s colours and to the energy they displayed each season, Villareal took on the name of The Beatles’ famous song.