Who knocked Mexico out of the 2014 World Cup?

Who knocked Mexico out of the 2014 World Cup?

Mexico: Live Score, Highlights for World Cup 2014 Round of 16. The Netherlands authored a 2-1 comeback victory to knock out Mexico in the round of 16.

How far did Mexico make it in the World Cup 2014?

By match

World Cup Round Score
2010 Round of 16 1–3
2014 Group stage 1–0

Does Mexico have a good soccer team?

Mexico is historically the most successful national team in the CONCACAF region, having won eleven confederation titles, including eight CONCACAF Gold Cups and three CONCACAF Championships (the precursor to the Gold Cup), as well as two NAFC Championships, one North American Nations Cup, one CONCACAF Cup and two gold …

Has us ever beaten Mexico soccer?

The USMNT prevailed in the one-match, winner-takes-all qualifier in Rome, Italy only days before the start of the 1934 World Cup in Italy. Since then Mexico has a stronger record, winning 38 times. The USA has been victorious on 23 occasions, with their last win coming in November 2021, a 2-0 victory on the day.

Who disqualified Mexico in the World Cup 2018?

SAMARA, Russia – Mexico’s 2018 FIFA World Cup campaign came to a close with a 2-0 defeat to Brazil on Monday afternoon at the Samara Arena in Samara, Russia.

How many Copa Oro has Mexico won?

Results by nation

National team Winners Years Won
Mexico 8 1993, 1996, 1998, 2003, 2009, 2011, 2015, 2019
United States 7 1991, 2002, 2005, 2007, 2013, 2017, 2021
Canada 1 2000
Brazil 0

What rank is Mexico in FIFA?

# Nation Points
12 Mexico 1650
13 Uruguay 1644
14 USA 1635
15 Croatia 1632

Who has more titles Mexico or USA?

Mexico leads the series 36–16–22, with almost double the goals of the U.S. (144–86)….Summary.

Main Championship Titles Mexico United States
CONCACAF Gold Cup 8 7
CONCACAF Nations League 0 1
CONCACAF Championship* 3 0

Will Mexico make it to the World Cup 2022?

Mexico has qualified for the 2022 World Cup Qatar. El Tri defeated El Salvador 2-0 on the final match day of CONCACAF’s final round of qualification, ending a tumultuous qualifying cycle on a high note.

Who is the best Chivas player ever?

Salvador Reyes. Chava Reyes is the top scorer of Chivas de Guadalajara with 122 goals. He won seven championships with the club and was part of the squad known as Campeonísimo. Reyes also wore Mexico national team jersey and played in three World Cups: 1958, 1962 and 1966.