Who is the owner of KEM Hospital?

Who is the owner of KEM Hospital?

SETH G.S.MEDICAL COLLEGE & KEM HOSPTIAL, STAFF SOCIETY is registered under Bombay Public Trust Act 1950 on 10.3. 93….Office bearers:

President / Dean Dean Dr.Sangeeta Ravat
Vice President Dr. Harish Pathak
Hon. Secretary Dr. Nitin Dange
Hon.Jt. Secretary Dr. Mahadeo Garale
Editor JPGM Dr. Sunil Karande

Is Kem a government hospital?

The KEM Hospital, Pune, India, is the largest Non-Government Organization hospital in the Pune District of Maharashtra State. Run by the KEM Hospital Society, it is registered under the Societies’ Registration Act 1860 and the Bombay Public Trusts Act 1950.

Which ward is KEM Hospital?

D.M.C.(P)’s sanction under No MRC/4460/FS dt. 12.11. 97 Circular No GUG/2323 dt. 12.11. 97.

Sr. Department Ward No.
1 Medical 4,4A,20, 9,11,12,22(MICU), 39(SBI)
2 Peadiatrics 1,2
3 Psychiatric & De Addiction 2,4,4A,19 10 40
4 Chest Medicine 32 14

Is Kem OPD open?

Patients attending the OPD for the first time will have to get an OPD case paper which is issued at the registration counter outside the OPD (026) from 7.30am to 10.30am….Timing:

Unit Head Other Consultants OPD Day
Dr. R. N. Sahay Dr. Kaustubh Salagre Dr. Suresh Prasiddhi Wednesday

How many doctors are in KEM Hospital?

Welcome to King Edward Memorial Hospital With about 390 staff physicians and 550 resident doctors, the 1800 bedded hospital treats about 1.8 million out-patients and 85,000 in-patients annually and provides both basic care and advanced treatment facilities in all fields of medicine and surgery.

Who is the dean of KEM Hospital?

Avinash SupeKing Edward Memorial Hospital and Seth Gordhandas Sunderdas Medical College / Dean
MUMBAI: Noted interventional radiologist Dr Hemant Deshmukh was appointed as dean of KEM Hospital, Parel, on Wednesday. He succeeded Dr Avinash Supe, who retired from the post after serving for three years and nine months.

Which is the largest hospital in Mumbai?

At 17 acres (6.9 ha) and 2,000,000 sq ft (190,000 m2) of built-up space, the Mumbai hospital was designed to be the country’s largest hospital in a single location….SevenHills Hospital.

SevenHills Hospitals
Emergency department Yes
Beds 1,500 (Mumbai)
Opened 1986 (Vishakapatnam), 2010 (Mumbai)

What is the full form of KEM hospital?

King Edward Memorial
Founded in 1926, the Seth Gordhandas Sunderdas Medical College (GSMC) and the King Edward Memorial (KEM) Hospital are amongst the foremost teaching and medical care providing institutions in India.

How many beds does KEM hospital have?

What OPD stands for?

the Outpatient Department
The full form of OPD is the Outpatient Department. An OPD is structured to be the primary point of communication among the patient and the medical professionals in a medical department. A patient who first arrives at the hospital goes straight to OPD, and then the OPD decides the unit to which a patient will go.

What is salary of KEM doctors?

Average KEM Hospital Doctor salary in India is ₹ 6.4 Lakhs per year for employees with less than 1 year of experience to 4 years. Doctor salary at KEM Hospital ranges between ₹ 0.6 Lakhs to ₹ 12 Lakhs per year.

Who is the dean of JJ Hospital?

Nanandkar Sudhir DigambarGrant Medical College / Dean

What is the full form of JJ hospital?

Sir Jamshedjee Jeejeebhoy Group of Hospitals
Grant Medical College and Sir Jamshedjee Jeejeebhoy Group of Hospitals.

Which is oldest hospital in Mumbai?

There is a ward dedicated to seamen in the Hospital. Mumbai’s first dedicated Urology Unit was established in St George’s Hospital in the early 1960s under the late Dr B J Colabawalla, who was also the founding Secretary of the Urological Society of India….

St George Hospital, Mumbai
Lists Hospitals in India

Which is the biggest Government hospital in India?

Safdarjung Hospital is a multi-specialty hospital, and the largest central government hospital in India if measured by bed strength. It is associated with Vardhman Mahavir Medical College and located in the heart of New Delhi on the Ring Road, opposite to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS).

What is ICU full form?

ICU (Intensive Care Unit) is a special room for critical patients who needs intensive treatment and continuous observation. HCU (High Care Unit) is a patient care room from ICU who considered showing an improvement but still under a strict surveillance.

What is OP full form?

1. original poster: used in online comments to refer to the person who posted the original question or comment.