Who is the girl in One Direction What Makes You Beautiful video?

Who is the girl in One Direction What Makes You Beautiful video?

Madison McMillin has gone on to achieve success much like Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik. On this very day five years ago, One Direction released the music video for “What Makes You Beautiful.”

Who wrote the song What Makes You Beautiful?

One DirectionSavan KotechaRami YacoubCarl FalkJim JacobsWarren Casey
What Makes You Beautiful/Composers

Who is the girl in the One Direction video?

Madison McMillin starred as Harry’s love interest in the 2011 music video, which has accumulated over 790 million views on YouTube since it’s release.

Who was the girl with Harry Styles in What Makes You Beautiful?

Madison McMillin
The video opens with One Direction spending time on a Malibu, California beach intercut with scenes of them driving an orange campervan. During the second verse, a group of three girls joins the band at the beach; in Styles’ bridge solo, he intimately sings to one girl, Madison McMillin, individually.

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Why did One Direction wrote Steal My Girl?

Julian, who co-wrote this song with Liam and Louis, did reveal that the idea behind the song didn’t come together because the guys were all swapping love stories — it happened pretty randomly. “I think, if I recall correctly, we were playing a drum beat and it just sort of came out,” he recalled.

Who was the girl with Harry Styles in what makes you beautiful?

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Are Ed Sheeran and Harry Styles still friends?

Ed Sheeran spilled on his friendship with the One Direction boys in a hefty fan Q&A – and he and Harry Styles are still close.