Who is M Koiter?

Who is M Koiter?

Notes. Michel Koiter (born 3 May 1984) was a Blizzard artist who died 18 March 2004 from heart failure at the age of nineteen. He and René Koiter formed Twincruiser, an artist duo for Blizzard Entertainment and the Sons of the Storm.

Is Han married Horner?

Matrimony. Captain Matt Horner was forced to marry Mira Han after winning a poker game. Horner said he would not have played had he known what the prize was, and made little effort to maintain contact with her afterward. Han took “Mira Horner” as an alias, and continued to address Horner by his full first name: Matthew …

Why did zeratul kills Raszagal?

Zeratul killed Raszagal as there was no hope for them to escape now that Kerrigan has routed his forces, and he refused to allow Raszagal to live on as Kerrigan’s slave.

Why was zeratul branded a traitor?

Zeratul called Ulrezaj a traitor to his race for murdering the warriors, and was angry at him for clinging to his old hatreds. Ulrezaj and his warriors were sentenced to death.

Does Protoss have mouth?

The protoss may breath by way of diffusion across the skin, as amphibians do. The protoss must have once had mouths, as they have a visible jaw bone. But they can still somehow communicate verbally, bobing and moving their heads as they do so. They almost certainly had mouths originally.

How do the Protoss reproduce?

Their reproduction is likely something similar to Templars forming an Archon, where two (possibly more), Protoss interact with each other spiritually in a ritual to form a new spirit and a body.

Are zealots Templar?

Zealots are lower-ranked Templar who have yet to reach the upper levels of the Khala. They form the backbone of the protoss military, and have been utilized since before the Discord.

How tall is a Protoss Zealot?

The Protoss are approximately 3 meters tall, and are bipedal, standing upon two, two-digit digitigrade legs while manipulating objects with two, four digit hands—two of which are opposable.

How strong is a Protoss Zealot?

Zealots are strong against units such as immortals, zerglings, and hydralisks, and weak against hellbats, hellions, roaches, colossi, and banelings. Though they do a total of sixteen damage, their attack is treated as two attacks doing eight damage each.

Why is Protoss the best race?

The Protoss warriors are supposedly the best there is—the only reason they have trouble with the Zerg race is because of the endless numbers. Protoss are strong with psionic ability. To handle being outnumbered, they employ mobility and surprise. Also, they have a killer fleet: ships upon ships capable of destruction.