Who has the most lines in The West Wing?

Who has the most lines in The West Wing?

But while Bartlet doesn’t have the most lines in the show, it turns out he speaks the most words of any character. Also worth noting — Josh Lyman spoke ~10,000 words more than CJ, ~18,000 more than Toby, and around 20,000 more than Sam or Leo!

What is the first line of The West Wing?

The first words of the series are “Two Absolut martinis, another Dewers rocks. The iconic West Wing opening credits tune by Snuffy Walden is not heard in the pilot.

Who ruined The West Wing?

Joshua Malina
As his Twitter bio drily notes, Joshua Malina “ruined The West Wing”. He joined Aaron Sorkin’s deluxe presidential drama in season four, just as Rob Lowe was bailing out – and some hardcore fans held Malina’s character, Will Bailey, directly responsible for the departure of beloved speechwriter Sam Seaborn.

What does crash The West Wing mean?

When initially securing the Oval Office the Secret Service mentions that “Bamboo shoots ready”, which Bartlet translates as they want him in the Presidential motorcade. Later, Ron calls for them to “crash it”, which means a total lockdown and communications blackout until they can secure the premises.

What is the best episode of The West Wing?

30 Best West Wing Episodes Ranked

  • 2162 Votes (Season 6, Episode 22)
  • Mr.
  • In This White House (Season 2, Episode 4)
  • Bad Moon Rising (Season 2, Episode 9)
  • 20 Hours in America: Part I (Season 4, Episode 1)
  • Somebody’s Going to Emergency, Somebody’s Going to Jail (Season 2, Episode 16)
  • Shutdown (Season 5, Episode 8)

Why did Rob Lowe leave West Wing?

While the 38-year-old actor said he’s leaving the Emmy-winning political drama because his role has diminished since the show’s 1999 debut — “There was no longer a place for Sam Seaborn on ‘The West Wing,”‘ he said in a statement — insiders say Lowe’s exit was partly fueled by money.

Did C.J. sleep with Hoynes?

C.J., however, seems more than reasonably distressed by the whole incident. She pays Hoynes a visit to give him a warning, and it becomes clear that she was one of the women with whom the Vice President had an affair.

Was C.J. the leak?

The Texans have dismissed assistant pro personnel director C.J. Leak along with area scout Ryan Cavanaugh and pro scout Steven Price, according to league sources not authorized to speak publicly. Leak was hired by the Texans in 2018 by former general manager Brian Gaine.

Does Charlie marry Zoe?

During season six, it is confirmed that they are dating, when the President catches Charlie sneaking out of Zoey’s room. The next day, Charlie hints that he has thought about asking Zoey to marry him, but the storyline is never revisited. At the beginning of season four, C. J.

What does a full lid mean?

A “full lid” is shorthand for saying that there will be no more news coming out of the White House for the day. It’s a real term that has been used by White House Press Secretaries in briefings.

Was The West Wing realistic?

Realism. While The West Wing is not completely accurate in its portrayal of the actual West Wing, former White House staffers and journalists have described the show as capturing the feel of the real West Wing.

Why is the episode called two cathedrals?

The two cathedrals in the title of the episode are the chapel at the school, where they first meet, and Washington DC’s National Cathedral, where her funeral is held.

Why did Emily Procter leave West Wing?

I loved her on the show and when I had a chance to lock her up as a series regular, I didn’t take it. “Being conscious that I already had eight mouths to feed I didn’t want to be obligated to have the character in every episode, which I know now wouldn’t have been an obligation, it would have been a gift.

Who does Sam Seaborn end up with?

Sam Seaborn

Samuel Seaborn
Occupation Deputy White House Communications Director (seasons 1-4) Deputy White House Chief of Staff (last episode of season 7)
Family Unnamed father
Spouse an ex-fiancée – Lisa Sherborne
Nationality American