Who has the most lap record in F1?

Who has the most lap record in F1?

Michael Schumacher holds the record for the highest total of fastest laps with 77. Lewis Hamilton is second with 60, while Kimi Räikkönen is third with 46.

How many races did Schumacher win 2004?

13 races
Michael Schumacher won 13 races, breaking his record of 11 race wins in one season from 2002….Teams and drivers.

Constructor Ferrari
Chassis F2004
Engine† Ferrari 053
Tyre B
Driver Rubens Barrichello

How many laps did they do in Monaco?

78 laps
Monaco Grand Prix Facts

Circuit Name Circuit de Monaco
Race Distance 78 laps (260.286 km)
Lap Record 1:12.909, Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes), 2021
2022 Result 1st Sergio Perez (Red Bull) 1:56:30.265
2nd Carlos Sainz (Ferrari) +1.154s

Who got fastest lap at Monaco?

Lewis Hamilton
The fastest-ever qualifying lap was set by Lewis Hamilton in qualifying (Q3) for the 2019 Monaco Grand Prix, at a time of 1:10.166.

What is the top speed at Monaco?

The fastest-ever qualifying lap was set by Lewis Hamilton in qualifying (Q3) for the 2019 Monaco Grand Prix, at a time of 1:10.166.

Who won f1 2004?

Michael Schumacher
Michael Schumacher and Ferrari’s dominance of Formula 1 showed no signs of ending in 2004. Indeed he won 12 of the first 13 races (and again in Japan) and clinched his seventh title with four races to go.

When was Michael Schumacher’s last win?


Michael Schumacher
First entry 1991 Belgian Grand Prix
First win 1992 Belgian Grand Prix
Last win 2006 Chinese Grand Prix
Last entry 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix

Who died at Monaco Grand Prix?

Denny Hulme won the Monaco Grand Prix, his first championship win, but the day was overshadowed by the death of Italian Lorenzo Bandini who crashed while in second place. After two years without a fatality during a race, the brutal reality returned in an appalling accident witnessed by thousands.

Who has the fastest lap in F1 Monaco?

As such the record for the outright fastest lap in Monaco F1 history was set in 2019. Lewis Hamilton got his Mercedes around the 2.074 miles in 1m:10.166s to secure pole position in qualifying – just his second pole in the Principality.

Who won 2003 F1?

Michael Schumacher won the World Championship once more but this was a far more competitive season than before. Eight drivers from five different teams won races and new McLaren superstar Kimi Raikkonen challenged for the title race until the final weekend.

What year did Michael Schumacher retire?

Michael Schumacher, 2005. Schumacher retired at the end of the 2006 campaign to serve as a test driver and adviser for Ferrari. At the time of his retirement, he had 91 F1 Grand Prix race victories, which shattered the previous record of 51, held by French driver Alain Prost.

Is Lewis Hamilton better than Schumacher?

Demonstrating incredible consistency, Lewis Hamilton scored points in 247 races, beating Schumacher’s record of 221. Hamilton has also surpassed Schumacher’s 155 podium finishes, achieving 180 so far.