Who are the members of the band Transplants?

Who are the members of the band Transplants?

Travis BarkerDrum KitSkinhead RobLead VocalsTim ArmstrongSynthesizerKevin BivonaBass guitar

Are the transplants still a band?

The Transplants are an American punk rock/rap rock supergroup….Transplants (band)

Genres Rap rock, rapcore, punk rock
Years active 1999–2003 2004–2006 2010–present
Labels Hellcat Atlantic
Members Tim Armstrong Rob Aston Travis Barker Kevin Bivona

Who is the drummer for the transplants?

Travis BarkerTransplants / Drummer

Who is Tim Armstrong married to?

Brody DalleTim Armstrong / Spouse (m. 1997–2003)

Can they transplant lungs?

A lung transplant is surgery done to remove a diseased lung and replace it with a healthy lung from another person. The surgery may be done for one lung or for both. Lung transplants can be done on people of almost all ages from newborns to adults up to age 65 and sometimes even later.

Who is Brody Dalle married to?

Josh Hommem. 2005–2019Tim Armstrongm. 1997–2003
Brody Dalle/Spouse

Which band started out as a blink-182 cover band before making it with their own music?

Before Panic! went on to pave their own unique niche in the genre, they got their start as a blink-182 cover band.

Where is Rancid now?

Rancid announced in June 2021 that they would be co-headlining the Boston to Berkeley II North American tour with Dropkick Murphys from August to October 2021. In a November 2021 interview with Kerrang!, guitarist Lars Fredriksen confirmed that Rancid had been “putting the finishing touches” on their new album.

Is Lars Frederiksen still with rancid?

He was also briefly a member of the UK Subs in 1991. He joined Rancid in 1993 after the band was searching for a second guitar player and was present on their second album Let’s Go….

Lars Frederiksen
Years active 1986–Present

Who is Josh Homme married to?

Brody DalleJosh Homme / Spouse (m. 2005–2019)

What’s wrong with Josh Homme?

Dalle filed for legal separation in November 2019 and divorce a month later, citing Homme’s alcoholism and drug abuse; he subsequently entered rehab, but he and Dalle would accuse each other of domestic violence and have mutual restraining orders filed over the following months.