Who are the actors in the Wrong Turn?

Who are the actors in the Wrong Turn?

Matthew ModineScottCharlotte VegaJennifer ShawEliza DushkuJessie BurlingameAlan B. McElroyDesmond HarringtonChris FlynnJeremy SistoScott
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Who is the actress in Wrong Turn?

Charlotte VegaJennifer ShawEliza DushkuJessie BurlingameRoxanne PallettJillianLouise CliffeSophie James, SophieSadie KatzSally, Sally, SallyCrystal LoweElena
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Who played the hillbillies in Wrong Turn?

Maynard Odets
Status: Killer: Cause of Death: Deceased Dale Murphy Blown up by a stick of dynamite
Portrayed By: Wayne Robson (Wrong Turn (2003) and Wrong Turn 2: Dead End) / Doug Bradley (Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines)
Appearence: Wrong Turn, Wrong Turn 2: Dead End Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines

Who played the killers in Wrong Turn?

According to Winnipeg Free Press the role of “Three Finger” is being played by Sean Skene and “One Eye” is being played by his actor-brother Daniel Skene. Their father, Rick Skene, is the film’s stunt co-ordinator. Rounding out the killer trio is Winnipeg actor Scott Johnson as “Sawtooth.”

What are the cannibals names in Wrong Turn?

These three characters—Saw Tooth, One Eye, and Three Finger—are the most well-known in the series. Three Finger is the only cannibal to appear in all six movies. After Wrong Turn 4, the fifth movie featured the patriarch of the family, Maynard Odets.

Who survived in Wrong Turn 2021?

Darius is spared because his work in sustainable energy benefits the decades-old mountainside community. Jen, meanwhile, has only her body to donate to the community. Darius, then, survives due to his tutelage — Jen survives due to her sexualized ingenuity.

Who played 3 finger?

Julian Richings
Julian Richings: Three Finger.

Who is Ruthie wrong turn 2021?

Rhyan Elizabeth Hanavan
Rhyan Elizabeth Hanavan: Ruthie Jump to: Photos (6)

Where did the cannibals come from in Wrong Turn?

More of the cannibals’ backstory was brought to light in the sequel, though it was established in the first film that the old man at the gas station – later revealed to be Maynard – had taken up a role of sending people into the wrong part of the wilderness so his family would be taken care of.

Who is the Odet family?

The Odet Family are the main antagonists in the first six Wrong Turn horror films. In short, they are an inbred, mutated, cannibalistic family of serial killers that stalk the woods of West Virginia.

Why are the cannibals in Wrong Turn deformed?

Three Finger is the main antagonist of the Wrong Turn film series. He is a cannibal with great physical deformity caused by toxic chemicals he was exposed to at birth, alongside his two brothers.

Who played Ruth on Wrong Turn?

Rhyan Elizabeth Hanavan: Ruthie.

What language are they speaking in Wrong Turn 2021?

EnglishWrong Turn / LanguageEnglish is a West Germanic language of the Indo-European language family, originally spoken by the inhabitants of early medieval England. Wikipedia