Which of the following are varieties of rice IR8?

Which of the following are varieties of rice IR8?

IR8 is a high-yielding semi-dwarf rice variety developed by the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) in the early 1960s. It was the work by Peter Jennings (no relation to the U.S. journalist) and Henry Beachell. In November 1966, IR8 was introduced in the Philippines and India.

Is IR8 a hybrid rice?

Yet, this very special variety of rice saved millions from starvation in India and elsewhere in Asia in the 1960s and ’70s. IR8 was a hybrid strain of rice at the centre of the Green Revolution.

Which rice variety is known as miracle rice of India?

On November 28, 1966, the IRRI seed committee re-christened IR8-288-3 as IR8 and officially released it. A ray of hope for people across the continent, IRB was quickly dubbed the “miracle rice”.

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What is IR 64 rice?

IR 64 Parboil Rice is one of the most exported varieties of Long grain non-basmati rice with average length of 5.8mm to 6.2mm and has good demand in the international market. It’s also called Parimal/IR36/Long Grain White Rice.

Who introduced the miracle rice or IR8?

A 29-year-old Indian farmer called Nekkanti Subba Rao was one of the first to discover the variety’s extraordinary properties. He is over 80 now and chuckles with delight as he recalls sowing his first field of IR8 on his small farm in the south-east Indian state of Andhra Pradesh in 1967.

What is Jaya and Ratna?

Jaya and Ratna are semi-dwarf varieties of rice. They are high yielding crops that were developed in India in the wake of the green revolution.

Is IR8 golden rice?

IRRI played a key part in the development of the controversial so-called “Golden Rice”, a genetically-engineered strain designed to address vitamin A deficiency, which is estimated to kill 670,000 under-fives a year.

Is IR8 rice genetically modified?

IR8 or ‘Miracle Rice’ is a strain of rice genetically engineered in the 1960s to produce high yields.

Who is the father of super rice?

In 1994, Dr Khush announced a new type of “super rice”, which has the potential to increase yields by 25 percent. His final work on what is called the New Plant Type (NPT) for irrigated rice fields is complete.

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Which is the highest yielding variety of rice?

IR64 has been used extensively in genetic studies of rice, mainly because it represents a high-yielding and high-quality indica variety that is widely adapted to tropical lowland growing conditions.

What is the latest variety of rice?

Indian Institute of Rice Research (ICAR-IIRR) recently released four new rice varieties viz., DRR Dhan 53, DRR Dhan 54, DRR Dhan 55 and DRR Dhan 56 through Central Sub-committee on Crop Standards, Notification and Release of Varieties for Agricultural Crops vide S.O. 500(E) dt.

What is sonalika and Kalyan Sona?

Sonalika and kalyan sona are considered as varieties of wheat crop because sonalika is single dwarf whereas kalyan sona is double dwarf. They both give us high yield variety. They also respond well to the manures and fertilizers which helps in improving water retention.

What is Kalyan Sona?

Kalyan Sona is high yielding, double dwarf wheat with wide adaptation recommended for cultivation all over India. So, the correct option is C. ( High yielding variety of wheat )

Why is IR8 rice no longer produced?

Environmental changes are to blame for a 15 percent drop in the yield of “miracle rice” — also known as rice variety IR8 — since the 1960s when it was first released and lauded for its superior yields that helped avert famine across Asia at the time.

What is IR8 and IR36?

Gurdev Singh Khush began crossing IR8 with at least 13 other varieties from six nations. Eventually, they developed IR36, a semi-dwarf variety the proved highly resistant to a variety of pests and diseases and produced the slender rice grain preferred in many countries.

Who is the father of wheat?

Often called the ‘Father of Wheat Revolution’, agriculture scientist Dilbagh Singh Athwal has passed away in the US, a Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) official said on Monday. He was 89. Vice Chancellor B.S.