Which is the rarest Indian name?

Which is the rarest Indian name?

Which is the rarest name in India?

  • Aaban – ‘name of the angel’
  • Balakrishnan – ‘young Krishna’
  • Calvert – ‘shepherd’
  • Devesh – ‘Lord Shiva’
  • Eashan – ‘Shiva’
  • Fakir – ‘a saintly person’
  • Gangesh – ‘Lord of the Ganges River’
  • ‘Hardeep’ – ‘lamp of God’

What are some Hindi names?

So some common hindi names are: Male names—–Krishna, Shiva, Ram, Narayan, Piyush, Vishwajeet, Arjuna, Hariom, Karan, Pavan, Aditya, Vihaan, Sai, Pranav, Dhruv, Rithvik, Aarush, etc…. Female names—-Swathi, Shruthi, Bhavani, Preeti, Anushka, Shailaja, Supriya, Sweta, Shilpa, Swapna, etc….

Which is the rarest Indian girl name?

Rare Hindu Names For Baby Girl

  • Aabha (Hindu origin), meaning ‘glow, light, one who shines,’ is a very beautiful name beginning with A.
  • Aahana (Hindu origin), meaning ‘morning glory,’ is a very pretty feminine name.
  • Aahna (Hindu origin), meaning ‘exist,’ is a perfect, holy name.

What is the most beautiful Hindu name?

50 of the most beautiful Hindu baby names and their meanings

  • 25 Hindu Names for Boys and their beautiful meanings. Aakesh: Lord of the sky. Aarav: Peaceful. Chandran: Moon. Darsh: Sight. Ekansh: Whole.
  • 25 Hindu Names for Girls and their beautiful meanings. Aarna: Goddess Lakshmi. Advika: World. Bhavna: Purity. Brinda: Tulsi.

What Indian name means gift from God?

100 Indian Baby Names With Meaning ‘Gift Of God’:

100 Baby Names With Meaning “Gift Of God”
Sr.No Name Meaning
1 Aanam Gift of Lord Ganesh
2 Aanshi Gift of God
3 Ayaan The name means the gift of God. It also means the first ray of the sun.

What is a popular Indian name?


  • Kabir.
  • Ishaan.
  • Jai.
  • Inaya.
  • Amar.
  • Dhruv.
  • Kanan.
  • What is the luckiest name for a girl in India?

    Names for Girls

    Names Meaning
    Shreya Fortunate, Goddess Lakshmi.
    Suharika Goddess Parvati, Lucky
    Swetali The one who is Lucky
    Tashvi Prosperity, Charming, Composed

    What is the most attractive name for a girl in India?

    Top 100 girl names in India in 2017

    • Saanvi+20.
    • Aadya-1.
    • Kiara+38.
    • Diya+13.
    • Pihu+21.
    • Prisha+24.
    • Ananya-5.
    • Fatima-4.

    What is a unique girl name Indian?

    And that’s why we’re here for you; to be a part of finding cute and unique girl names for your little angel….500+ Top Indian Baby Girl Names with Meanings.

    Sr No. Indian Baby Girl Names Meaning
    4 Ati Extreme
    5 Aarna Goddess Lakshmi; water, wave, stream
    6 Advika World, earth, unique
    7 Adweta Inspirational, idealistic

    Which name is best for boy Hindu?

    Indian Boy Baby Names Inspired by Hindu Theology

    • Arjun.
    • Aum.
    • Ishan.
    • Krish.
    • Moksh.
    • Rishi.
    • Veer.

    What are Indian names have the most beautiful meanings?

    Aara. Aara,also spelled as Ara,is a Hindu and a Muslim Indian name.

  • Aashi. This cute baby girl’s name means cheerful,smiling,delightful,happy,blessed,and joyful.
  • Abi. This Hindu name for a girl child means “My father.” It’s a very endearing name to give to your angel.
  • Abha. The Hindu name Abha has multiple meanings.
  • Ada.
  • Adra.
  • Ahd.
  • Ahi.
  • Ahou.
  • Ain.
  • What are the most common Indian names?

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    Why do Indian names have meanings?

    Indian names are based on a variety of systems and naming conventions, which vary from region to region.Names are also influenced by religion and caste and may come from epics. India’s population speaks a wide variety of languages and nearly every major religion in the world has a following in India. This variety makes for subtle, often confusing, differences in names and naming styles.

    What are some funny American Indian names?

    What Are Some Funny Native American Names? One unusual female name from the Native American Algonquian tribe is “Nittawosew,” meaning “She is not sterile.” “Hevantaneo” is a masculine name in the Cheyenne tribe meaning “Hairy Rope.” A Native American name is a description of the child based on events surrounding birth, personality