Which country is Getafe?

Which country is Getafe?

Getafe (Spanish pronunciation: [χeˈtafe]) is a municipality and a city in Spain belonging to the Community of Madrid. As of 2018, it has a population of 180,747, the region’s sixth most populated municipality….

Coordinates: 40°18′17″N 3°43′52″W
Country Spain
Region Community of Madrid
Founded Around 1326

Who owns Getafe?

Ángel Torres Sánchez
Getafe CF

Full name Getafe Club de Fútbol S.A.D.
Ground Coliseum Alfonso Pérez
Capacity 17,000
Owner Ángel Torres Sánchez
President Ángel Torres Sánchez

What league is Getafe?

LaLigaCopa del Rey
Getafe CF/Leagues

Where is the soccer team Getafe from?

Getafe, SpainGetafe CF / Location

Who is the captain of Getafe?

Team captains

player Age
Getafe CF
Djené Centre-Back 30
Girona FC
Cristhian Stuani Centre-Forward 35

What is the old name of Spain?

Hispania, in Roman times, region comprising the Iberian Peninsula, now occupied by Portugal and Spain. The origins of the name are disputed.

What are people from Spain called?

A person who is from Spain or has origins from Spain is Spanish.

What is Getafe worth?

The current net worth of the club is 151.20 Million euros.

Who is captain of Real Sociedad?

MADRID, Oct. 15 (Xinhua) — High-flying Real Sociedad have suffered a major setback with the news that striker and captain Mikel Oyarzabal will be sidelined for several weeks after suffering a torn hamstring in Friday’s training session.

What race is in Spain?

Within Spain, there are various nationalities and regional populations including the Andalusians, Castilians, Catalans, Valencians and Balearics (who speak Catalan, a distinct Romance language in eastern Spain), the Basques (who live in the Basque country and north of Navarre and speak Basque, a non-Indo-European …

Is Spain a poor country?

Spain leads the ranking of EU countries with the highest risk of young people ending up in poverty as adults, despite coming from families without economic difficulties. Spain is also the fourth EU country with the highest rate of inherited poverty risk, according to Eurostat, the EU Statistical Office.

What do you call a woman from Spain?

Courtesy titles for women in Spanish are señorita and señora.

How Much Is Real Sociedad worth?

5. Real Sociedad (€309.6 million)

What does Real Sociedad mean in english?

Royal Society
Real Sociedad de Fútbol, S.A.D., more commonly referred to as Real Sociedad (pronounced [reˈal soθjeˈðað]; Royal Society) or La Real, is a Spanish professional sports club in the city of San Sebastián, Basque Country, founded on 7 September 1909.