Which building in Dubai caught fire?

Which building in Dubai caught fire?

the Torch Tower
A large blaze has ripped through one of the largest residential buildings in the world, the Torch Tower in Dubai. Flames shot up the side of the skyscraper, sending debris tumbling from the 337m (1,106 ft) structure.

Why do skyscrapers burn regularly in Dubai?

The UAE, including skyscraper-studded Dubai, has suffered a spate of fires in its high-rises in recent years. The reason for the blazes, building and safety experts say, is the material used for the buildings’ sidings, called aluminum composite panel cladding.

What caused the torch tower fire?

“The torch fire was caused by a minor source of heat and wind ignited the fire,” said Maj Gen Rashid Al Matroushi, director of Dubai Civil Defence.

Are Dubai buildings safe?

Usually the buildings’ façade go up in flames. But the interior are relatively safe, thanks to Dubai’s strict fire codes and such mandatory measures as sprinklers and fire-retardant panels.

Which building in Barsha caught fire?

Dubai: A fire broke out on a medium-rise residential building in Al Barsha 1, behind Mall of the Emirates, in Dubai today in the afternoon. No injuries or deaths were reported. Civil Defence personnel doused the fire within 14 minutes after arriving at the spot.

Are Dubai skyscrapers safe?

Is Dubai prone to earthquakes?

Thankfully, Dubai does not lie on a fault line, which means the risk of an earthquake is extremely low – but that doesn’t mean we don’t experience wobbles from time to time. The UAE is located on the edge of the Arabian Tectonic Plate, which pushes against the Eurasian Plate.

Does Dubai have wildfires?

A fire broke out on Friday on a yacht under maintenance off the Dubai coast, caused by an engine malfunction, the local authorities said. No casualties were reported. The world’s tallest tower, Burj Khalifa in Dubai, lit up Wednesday night in solidarity with Australia where devastating fires are still burning.

Why there is no earthquake in Dubai?

Is Dubai at risk of a tsunami?

The only possible Tsunami threat to the Gulf region is an earthquake in Indian Ocean or Arabian Sea which are not in high risk zone, Al Lazkia said. “Even if it happens,Indian subcontinent and Straight of Hormuz will minimize the impact of Tsunami waves”, he said.

Could Dubai have a tsunami?

However, the waves would not be as big as those that hit the South Asian nations following the massive undersea earthquake off Sumatra last year. A minor tsunami could take place in the Arabian Gulf, an expert has warned.

Is Dubai prone to tsunamis?

The only possible Tsunami threat to the Gulf region is an earthquake in Indian Ocean or Arabian Sea which are not in high risk zone, Al Lazkia said.

How high can fire fighters go?

about 32m
But the London Fire Brigade’s aerial platform vehicles can only reach heights of about 32m – limiting how high up the blaze can be fought. In Dubai, where skyscrapers like the Burj Khalifa reach more than 160-storeys, they have higher aerial platforms of up to 80m, Mr Alcock says.