Where is the ghost treasure in Oakvale?

Where is the ghost treasure in Oakvale?

The ghost asks the Hero of Oakvale to give the former’s wife 500 Gold which he hid on the western beach before his death. The gold is buried on the left side of the dock on the western beach, with the ghost’s wife located a bit further down the beach.

Where is the ghost in Fable?

Fable and TLC A ghost who was lost at sea can be encountered in Oakvale. He asks you to dig up his treasure to give to his wife. If you return to Orchard Farm after you completed the main quest there, you can find the farmer asking you to make sure his mother’s ghost can rest in peace.

How do you know where to dig in Fable?

In Fable and The Lost Chapters, dig spots are identified by the appearance of the spade icon on the D-pad or the context sensitive menu when walking around.

How do I open the Rose Cottage demon door?

This area contains a Demon Door, which holds the Will User’s Bright Outfit. In order to open it, the player must give it a gift, even a simple one, such as chocolates or a rose. There is also a Silver Key in this area, buried in the middle of the ring of roses near the house. The spade is required to dig it up.

Where do you use the spade in fable?

A spade is an item that appears in most of the games in the Fable series. It is required to dig up items that have been buried throughout Albion and Aurora.

Where is Myra fable?

Myra is a woman found by the well in Oakvale. She is the woman you need to give the love letter to in the quest The Sick Child. She then asks if you wrote the letter, and if you say you did you get evil points, while if you tell her that it’s from Cyril you get good points.

How do I get a shovel in Fable 1?

A spade can be found in a chest outside the Gravekeeper’s hut in Lychfield Graveyard. Alternatively, it can purchased at shops in the following locations: Bowerstone South. Hook Coast.

How do you get the Solus sword from Lady GREY?

In Fable The Lost Chapters, you can buy it for about 69,000 to 70,000 gold. However, if the Hero has married Lady Grey, he can court her by giving her gifts and flirting with her. Eventually she will give him the Solus Greatsword (with no augments) as a gift.

How do I get a spade in Fable 1?

What happens if you lie to Myra?

After giving Myra the letter and returning to Cyril, you can choose what to tell him as regards Myra’s decision: If you lie and choose to tell him that she was completely uninterested, he will be disappointed with the outcome and you will receive evil points.

Can you marry Emily in Fable anniversary?

It is possible to marry Emily in Fable and Fable:TLC, though the player should probably woo her quickly to avoid confusing her with any of the other women with the same character model. It is not possible to marry Emily in Fable Anniversary due to the fact that she does not appear outside of the cutscene.

What is the frying pan for in fable?

After finding all the clues, the Frying Pan will be held as if it were a two-handed greatsword. For the achievement, you can still dig up the Frying pan, then summon a creature and hit him, even with zero damage. All the clues are needed, only, if you want to use it for more than an achievement.