Where is select seeds located?

Where is select seeds located?

We are located in Union CT, part of The Last Green Valley, a National Heritage Corridor of 35 towns working locally to preserve the irreplaceable land, water, and cultural resources of the region. We have been growing heirloom and open-pollinated flower seeds here for 25 years now!

Is Johnny’s seeds owned by Monsanto?

Because, after the Seminis buyout, Territorial and others were purchasing some seeds from a Monsanto subsidiary, some really nasty rumors got started that Territorial, Johnny’s and others are owned by Monsanto. This just isn’t true.

What does F1 mean in seeds?

Filial 1
The term ‘F1’ just stands for Filial 1 or ‘first children’. F1 hybrids, which are largely annual and vegetable cultivars, are produced by crossing two stable seed lines (called inbred lines) that give rise to especially uniform progeny that possess good vigour, yield and other properties.

Where is the best place to buy vegetable seeds online UK?

Since starting out in the year 2000, Crocus has become the largest gardening website in the UK with around 4,000 plants and seeds available to buy. As international suppliers of flower and vegetable seeds, Dobies has sold products direct to gardeners since 1894.

What does F2 seeds mean?

second-generation seeds
In comparison, F2 seeds are second-generation seeds and can be produced by hand pollination or open/self-pollination. Simply these seeds are made from the plants produced by F1 seeds. F2 Hybrids. F2 seeds have much genetic variation and may produce less yield than the F1 yield.

What are S1 seeds?

S1, feminised cannabis seeds The acronym S1 refers to the first filial generation produced as a result of crossing the plant with itself. This is achieved by a range of techniques aimed at reversing the sex of the selected female plant, getting it to produce male pollen and using it to pollinate itself.

Can you freeze seeds?

Freezing Seeds Freezing is a great way to store seeds for the long haul. If you’re planning on sowing them within a few years, it’s probably not going to make a huge difference, though it couldn’t hurt. Just be sure: Only freeze seeds that are completely dry.

Are DT Brown and Mr Fothergills the same company?

Mr Fothergill’s was founded in 1978 by Jeff Fothergill and Brian Carey. Their sons, John Fothergill and David Carey, now run the company, which also includes the brands DT Brown and Johnsons Seeds.

Are DT brown seeds any good?

D.T. Brown are one of the UK’s leading seed suppliers, with everything you need for your garden or allotment, offering great quality & value for money from a great range of veg seeds, seed potatoes, onions, garlic, veg plants and soft fruit.

Is American Meadows a good company?

“American Meadows is one of the most respected online retailers of wildflower seeds, perennial plants and flower bulbs in North America. Our customers range from some of the most experienced horticulturists to beginning gardeners.”

What seeds last the longest?

How Long Do Seeds Last?

Replace after… Type of Seed
2 Years Corn, leeks, okra, peppers
3 Years Asparagus, beans, broccoli, carrots, celery, kohlrabi, peas, spinach
4 Years Beets, brussels sprouts, cabbages, cauliflower, Swiss chard, eggplants, kale, pumpkins, radishes, rutabagas, squashes, tomatoes, turnips, watermelons

Where is West Coast Seeds based?

Located in the heart of Ladner, British Columbia, our bustling retail store is a one-stop-shop for all gardening needs. With a wide array of seeds, tools, gifts, and more, there’s something for everyone. Come by and meet our friendly staff!

Where does West Coast Seeds come from?

Our Roots. West Coast Seeds was founded in 1983 in Vancouver, British Columbia. Our purpose is to source and supply seeds of a higher quality than have been available to home gardeners. Following the traditions of organic farming and gardening, untreated and certified organic seeds are our focus.