Where does WGN radio broadcast from?

Where does WGN radio broadcast from?

Chicago, Illinois
WGN (720 kHz) is a commercial AM radio station in Chicago, Illinois, with studios on the 18th floor of 303 East Wacker Drive in the Chicago Loop. WGN has a news/talk format, along with broadcasts of Chicago Blackhawks hockey and Northwestern University football and basketball.

Who owns WGN radio in Chicago?

Tribune BroadcastingWGN / OwnerTribune Broadcasting Company, LLC was an American media company which operated as a subsidiary of Tribune Media, a media conglomerate based in Chicago, Illinois. Wikipedia

What does WGN radio stand for?

Its call letters standing for “World’s Greatest Newspaper,” WGN, a clear-channel radio (and then TV) station, was not actually started by its longtime owner, the Tribune Company, but was purchased by the newspaper giant soon after it went on the air in June 1924.

Does WGN have an FM radio station?

WGN FM | WGN Radio 720 – Chicago’s Very Own.

Where is Newsnation broadcast from?

Broadcast live from Chicago, the program utilizes the journalistic resources of the 110 television news operations throughout the United States that are operated under the network’s corporate parent Nexstar Media Group.

What happened to Nick digilio?

Show Producer’s Blog on the WGN Radio website. Digilio was fired from WGN Radio on September 4, 2020, as part of a talent shakeup, after 35 years at the station.

What happened to WGN Chicago?

CLTV’s format soon became less reliant on live newscasts, focusing increasingly on repurposed newscasts and local programming from WGN-TV. Following its acquisition of Tribune Media, Nexstar shut down Chicagoland Television on December 31, 2019, after 27 years of operation.

Where are WGN studios located?

2501 W Bradley Pl Chicago
WGN-TV 2501 W Bradley Pl Chicago, IL Media Consultants – MapQuest.

Is WGN only in Chicago?

WGN-TV (channel 9) is an independent television station in Chicago, Illinois, United States. Owned by Nexstar Media Group, it is sister to the company’s sole radio property, news/talk/sports station WGN (720 AM)….WGN-TV.

Chicago, Illinois United States
Public license information Profile LMS
Website wgntv.com

What does WGN stand for in Chicago?

WGN Television, whose call letters are derived from the Chicago Tribune’s first slogan, “World’s Greatest Newspaper,” hit the airwaves on April 5, 1948 on Channel 9 in Chicago from its studios at Tribune Tower.

What station is WBEZ?

WBEZ (91.5 FM) – branded WBEZ 91.5 – is a non-commercial educational radio station licensed to serve Chicago, Illinois, and primarily serving the Chicago metropolitan area.

Who owns NewsNation now?

Nexstar Media GroupTribune Broadcasti…Tribune Media
NewsNation/Parent organizations
NewsNation is a national news and entertainment cable network reaching 75 million television households across the United States. Formerly known as WGN America, the network is owned and operated by Nexstar Media Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nexstar Media Group, Inc.

Is Rick Kogan still on WGN?

Kogan left WGN in September 2012 to become the afternoon host on Chicago’s public radio station, WBEZ-FM.

What happened to Steve Sanders WGN?

Sanders retired from Channel 9 in early 2020 after more than 37 years at the station. Around that same time, Sanders sold his six-bedroom house in Lakeview for just under $1.55 million and bought the five-bedroom, 4,168-square-foot house in Winnetka from a relocation agency.

Where is Micah materre?

Micah is on the Board of Directors for the Chicago Children’s Choir and serves on Tutoring Chicago’s Advisory Board. She is a member of the civic organization, Links, Incorporated, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

Where are WGN Studios in Chicago?

West Bradley Place
WGN-TV’s studios are located on West Bradley Place in Chicago’s North Center community (as such, it is the only major commercial television station in Chicago which bases its main studio outside the city’s downtown business district); its transmitter is located atop the Willis Tower in the Chicago Loop.

Why did WGN change its name?

Known for most of its history as Superstation WGN (and WGN America), on March 1, 2021, the channel was relaunched from WGN America into NewsNation, a cable news network named after its flagship news program, as part of a planned expansion of its news programming.

Where is WBEZ Chicago located?

WBEZ is located in the Chicago Public Media office on Navy Pier, at 848 East Grand Ave., Chicago, Ill., 60611. Our main phone number is 312-948-4600.