Where can I find smithsonite?

Where can I find smithsonite?

Smithsonite rarely occurs in visible crystals. The only two locations to produce large crystals of significance are Tsumeb, Namibia; and the Kabwe Mine (Broken Hill), Zambia. Virtually all other findings of this mineral are in globular or botryoidal-like forms.

Where can I find willemite?

It occurs in many places, but is best known from Arizona and the zinc, iron, manganese deposits at Franklin and Sterling Hill Mines in New Jersey.

How much does Willemite cost?

$900.00 €829 £690.00 approx. This specimen is priced in US dollars, all other prices are approximate. From the fluorescent capital of the world, this is a rare specimen of well-developed Willemite crystals, partly-embedded in snow-white massive Calcite, itself exhibiting superb fluorescence.

What is Witherite used for?

Witherite has been used for hardening steel, and for making cement, glass, enamelware, soap, dye and explosives.

How can you tell the difference between a hemimorphite and a smithsonite?

Some collectors recommend the following test to distinguish Smithsonite from Hemimorphite: place a small piece of the mineral into 10% hydrochloric acid; if you notice CO2 bubbles, it’s Smithsonite; if it dissolves, becoming gel-like, it’s Hemimorphite.

What is smithsonite good for?

Smithsonite is used by crystal therapists to help heal the reproductive organs and balance the endocrine system. It can boost physical energy and the immune system. Smithsonite is also used by crystal therapists and energy healers to help to: activate the thymus gland.

Does scheelite glow?

Scheelite fluoresces under shortwave ultraviolet light, the mineral glows a bright sky-blue. The presence of molybdenum trace impurities occasionally results in a green glow. Fluorescence of scheelite, sometimes associated with native gold, is used by geologists in the search for gold deposits.

What gem glows green under UV light?

Fluorite glows under UV light. The fluorescence phenomenon is named after fluorite, where it was first observed by George Gabriel Stokes in 1852. Fluorite can glow in a variety of colors, but most often, it occurs in vibrant blue or green color under UV light.

Where is witherite found?

Witherite was named for william Withering an 18th century English naturalist. It is usually found in hydrothermal veins associated with Barite. Witherite is mined in Germany, England (Hexham, Northumberland, Cumberland, Durham), Scotland, Canada (Ontario) and the U.S. (Illinois, California, Arizona).

Is witherite mined?

Witherite is readily altered to barium sulfate by the action of water containing calcium sulfate in solution and crystals are therefore frequently encrusted with barytes. It is the chief source of barium salts and is mined in considerable amounts in Northumberland.

What chakra is Smithsonite?

Meditating with Smithsonite with not only help calm one’s emotions, but also activate and unlock psychic abilities hidden within. Placing a piece on your third eye or crown chakra will help with astral travel, heightened intuition and intellect, enhanced awareness, and clarity & vividness of dreams.