Where are the nines skiing?

Where are the nines skiing?

Welcome to The Nines. Between April 4 and 9, the wildest snow sports event of the year returned to Crans-Montana, Switzerland for the 30th edition of the coveted series. As expected, the revolutionary snow park design became a breeding ground for world-firsts, massive sends and viral moments.

Where does Audi Nines take place?

Audi Nines MTB returns to the quarry in Hunsrück-Nahe, Germany for a week of progression sessions August 24-28, 2021.

Where was the Nines 2022?

The Nines presented by Falken returns to Crans-Montana, Switzerland, from 4th-9th April 2022.

What are the Audi Nines?

The Audi Nines continues to celebrate sports and the athletes who write history through their dedication and passion. It is of the highest priority to bring together brilliantly talented people to create the best possible event and environment for these athletes, and this year is no exception.

Where is Audi nines snow?

Crans-Montana, Switzerland
Thankfully, the news looks brighter in 2021: after a scramble to find a resort partner willing to host the event on short notice, the Nines have landed in Crans-Montana, Switzerland, where a mind-boggling new setup is already rising out of the snow.

Who won Audi nines 2021?

This year, Australian Tess Coady was crowned as the favourite for all three categories. Amongst the men, it was Swissman Boris Mouton who took home Best Trick whilst his fellow countryman Patrick Hofmann was crowned as Most Creative, leaving Belgian Sebbe De Buck as the Ruler of the Week.

Where is Darkfest MTB?

Stellenbosch, SA –09 March 2022 – Darkfest 2022 is officially called on 11th-17th April 2022.

Where is Darkfest 2022 held?

How big are the jumps at Darkfest?

90-foot jumps
Darkfest has done it again and carved a new chapter for Freeride MTB into the history books! We’ve had 90-foot jumps from the ladies, Cali Rolls and Double Flips from the gents, and a heap of Darkfest best moments, as the sixth year of this boundary-pushing event comes to a close.

Is Darkfest a competition?

The thing about Darkfest, presented by Monster, is that it’s not a formal, structured competition. Well it is sort of formal and has a bit of structure, but it will frustrate you if you try to classify it as any kind of traditional bicycle contest.

How big are the Darkfest jumps?

Why is Darkfest not in the fest series?

Since DarkFest has always been about shredding big jumps, having an inclusive and diverse rider list, and sharing our good times with everyone through social media, we have mutually decided to go our own ways.

Who does Sam Reynolds ride?

Sam Reynolds (cyclist)

Personal information
Current team Helfare
Discipline Freestyle Mountain Bikes
Role Freestyle
Rider type Slopestyle, Dirt, Freeride, Downhill

Where does Sam Reynolds MTB live?

Sam Reynolds hails from Hampshire in the south of England, and has developed over recent years into one of the world’s most talented freeride and slopestyle stars. There aren’t too many other riders around with his array of tricks, including the frontflip and double flip.

Who is Blake Samson?

Dirt jump and slopestyle pro Born in Zimbabwe but now resident in the Isle of Wight, UK, Blake has travelled the world as a pro rider competing in the world’s premier dirt jump and slopestyle competitions.

How old is Sam Reynolds?

31 years (June 4, 1991)Sam Reynolds / Age

Where is Zim Blake from?

Born in Zimbabwe but now resident in the Isle of Wight, UK, Blake has travelled the world as a pro rider competing in the world’s premier dirt jump and slopestyle competitions.

Who is Doddy GMBN?

Award-winning MTB fanatic Doddy has spent 16 years immersed in mountain biking media. He’s an all-round MTB fanatic who loves everything from a solo ride in the countryside to geeking out over the latest tech.

How tall is Sam Reynolds?

6′ 1″Sam Reynolds / Height