When was Jane Says released?

When was Jane Says released?

1987Jane Says / Released

What is Jane’s Addiction best album?

Jane’s Addiction Albums Ranked in Order of Awesomeness

  • 7. ‘ Live in NYC’ (2013) Universal Music.
  • 6. ‘ Kettle Whistle’ (1997) Warner Bros.
  • 5. ‘ Strays’ (2003) Capitol.
  • 4. ‘ The Great Escape Artist’ (2011) Capitol.
  • 3. ‘ Jane’s Addiction’ (1987) Triple X.
  • 2. ‘ Ritual de lo Habitual’ (1990)
  • 1. ‘ Nothing’s Shocking’ (1988)

What is Jane’s Addiction biggest hit?

Top 10 Jane’s Addiction Songs

  • 8. ”
  • 7. ”
  • 6. ” Ripple” (Deadicated, 1991)
  • 5. ” Irresistible Force” (The Great Escape Artist, 2011)
  • 4. ” Jane Says” (Nothing’s Shocking, 1988)
  • 3. ” Stop” (Ritual de lo habitual, 1990)
  • 2. ” Been Caught Stealing” (Ritual de lo habitual, 1990)
  • 1. ” Just Because” (Strays, 2003)

Is there a song called Jane’s Addiction?

“Mountain Song” is a song by Jane’s Addiction and the second single from their 1988 album Nothing’s Shocking. “Mountain Song” was the first song written by the band in 1985, before a band name had even been decided upon….Track listing.

No. Title Length
2. “Standing in the Shower… Thinking” 3:03

Where did the name Janes Addiction come from?

The new band was dubbed “Jane’s Addiction” in honor of Farrell’s housemate, Jane Bainter, who was their muse and inspiration. “My girlfriend [Casey Niccoli] and I were sitting in the car…” Farrell recalled, “and we started to think about band names. She threw in Jane’s Heroin Experience.

What is Jane’s Addiction song about?

Jane Says is a song by Jane’s Addiction, written by Perry Farrell and Eric Avery in late 1985 or early 1986. It is about their friend and former roommate Jane Bainter and her struggles with drugs, life and love.

Was Jane addicted to fleas?

Porno for Pyros bassist fills in with Jane’s Addiction Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea will not play with Jane’s Addiction during their reunion later this year. Flea first sat in with the band during a 1997 reunion, after original Jane’s Addiction bassist Eric Avery opted out of performing.

Which song did Jane’s Addiction play on Saturday Night Live in 1997?

The 431st episode of Saturday Night Live was hosted by Jon Lovitz with musical guest Jane’s Addiction….November 8, 1997.

November 8, 1997 Season 23 episode
Song(s) performed by Musical Guest(s) “Jane Says”

Who wrote the songs in Janes Addiction?

Three Days (Jane’s Addiction song)

“Three Days”
Songwriter(s) Jane’s Addiction (Perry Farrell, Dave Navarro, Eric Avery and Stephen Perkins)
Producer(s) Dave Jerden, Perry Farrell
Jane’s Addiction singles chronology
“Stop!” (1990) “Three Days” (1990) “Been Caught Stealing” (1990)

Is Jane from Jane says alive?

Farrell has lost touch with Jane, but it turns out finding her isn’t all that hard. It took only a few phone calls to determine that she’s still living in California, and though she’s quoted in the song predicting she was “going to kick tomorrow,” it took a little longer. Today, however, she’s proud to say she’s clean.

Why is Janes Addiction called that?

Who started Janes Addiction?

frontman Perry Farrell
Jane’s Addiction formed from the remains of frontman Perry Farrell’s previous band, Psi Com. In mid-1985, Farrell was searching for a bassist to replace Kelly Wheeler in the faltering Psi-com.

Who is currently in Janes Addiction?

Perry FarrellDave NavarroStephen PerkinsChris ChaneyBass guitarFleaBass guitarEric AveryAcoustic guitar
Jane’s Addiction/Members

Who wrote mountain song?

Jane’s AddictionPerry Farrell
Mountain Song/Lyricists

When did mountain song come out?

1987Mountain Song / Released

What happened to Jane Janes Addiction?

Jane’s Addiction passed into legend early and by design. They broke up after six years together in 1991 at the height of their popularity: headlining the inaugural Lollapalooza tour. ”That first Lollapalooza, we were in Los Angeles recording Nevermind,” Dave Grohl told Time Out Chicago.

Why did Janes Addiction Break Up?

“My separation came about because this legendary band, like a great old club, was taken over by new owners, gutted of its charms. I no longer want to participate in such a maligned project. Music that was once relevant and graceful had become clumsy as a circus seal tooting his horns.”

Who originally sang Wolverton Mountain?

Claude King
“Wolverton Mountain” is a country music song and 1962 crossover hit that established Claude King’s career as an American country singer-songwriter….Wolverton Mountain.

“Wolverton Mountain”
Single by Claude King
Length 2:59
Label Columbia
Songwriter(s) Merle Kilgore Claude King

What state is Wolverton Mountain in?

The real Woolverton Mountain is in Conway County, Arkansas. It’s located a few miles north of Morrilton in the north of the state, which is some 50 miles from Little Rock.

What is the meaning of she’ll be coming round the mountain?

It ostensibly refers to the Second Coming of Christ and subsequent Rapture, with the she referring to the chariot that the returning Christ is depicted as driving. Like many spirituals that originated in the African-American community, this was probably a coded anthem for the Underground Railroad.