What was Artaud addicted to?

What was Artaud addicted to?

In May 1919, the director of the sanatorium prescribed laudanum for Artaud, precipitating a lifelong addiction to that and other opiates.

Where was Artaud from?

Marseille, FranceAntonin Artaud / Place of birth

Who was Artaud influenced by?

Artaud was heavily influenced by seeing a Colonial Exposition of Balinese Theatre in Marseille. He read eclectically, inspired by authors and artists such as Seneca, Shakespeare, Poe, Lautréamont, Alfred Jarry, and André Masson.

When was Artaud born?

September 4, 1896Antonin Artaud / Date of birth

What was Artaud’s mental illness?

Antonin Artaud suffered his first depressive breakdown at 16; at 21, he was diagnosed with hereditary syphilis (his parents, in addition, were first cousins). He was treated with laudanum, which initiated a lifelong drug addiction.

Why is Artaud famous?

Antonin Artaud (1896-1948) was one of the 20th century’s most important theoreticians of the drama. He developed the theory of the Theater of Cruelty, which has influenced playwrights from Beckett to Genet, from Albee to Gelber.

When and where was Artaud born?

Antoine Marie Joseph ArtaudAntonin Artaud / Full name

What are Artaud techniques?

Artaudian Techniques Creating a dream world – use of ritual, masks, tradition and striking costumes; No scenery just symbolic objects; Combines with movement, lights and music – affect the emotion and subconscious – like dreams.

What did Artaud write?

Artaud’s Manifeste du théâtre de la cruauté (1932; “Manifesto of the Theatre of Cruelty”) and Le Théâtre et son double (1938; The Theatre and Its Double) call for a communion between actor and audience in a magic exorcism; gestures, sounds, unusual scenery, and lighting combine to form a language, superior to words.

Where was Antonin Artaud educated?

Middle School Du Sacré-CœurAntonin Artaud / Education

What did Artaud mean by Cruelty?

Artaud wanted to disrupt the relationship between audience and performer. The ‘cruelty’ in Artaud’s thesis was sensory, it exists in the work’s capacity to shock and confront the audience, to go beyond words and connect with the emotions: to wake up the nerves and the heart.

What did Artaud believe theatre should be?

Artaud believed that civilization had turned humans into sick and repressed creatures and that the true function of the theatre was to rid humankind of these repressions and liberate each individual’s instinctual energy.

What did Artaud believe Theatre should be?

Why did Artaud shock the audience?

How did Artaud involve the audience?

Piercing sound and bright stage lights bombarded the audience during performances. Artaud experimented with the relationship between performer and audience, preferring to place spectators at the very centre with the intention of trapping them inside the drama.

Why did Artaud go to Ireland?

M. Artaud is about to leave for Ireland in search of information concerning ancient Gaelic customs and other matters relating to ancient Ireland, her history and so forth. He himself would be very grateful for any help that you can give him.

What was Artaud’s illness?