What was 13 in jail for on House?

What was 13 in jail for on House?

Thirteen returns in the show’s 150th episode, “The Dig”, where House meets her upon release from a prison where she has been incarcerated for the last six months for over-prescribing drugs.

Who is number 13 on House?

Dr. Remy Beauregard Hadley was a major character on House from the fourth season onwards. She is best and commonly known as “Thirteen” due to her number card during eliminations for the fellowship when she was a job applicant at the beginning of Season Four.

What was wrong with Thirteen on House?

In her final episode, Thirteen was fired by House so that she could make a guilt-free move to Greece with her girlfriend. Wilde said her time on the show, which has seen her character struggle with Huntington’s Disease and spend some time in jail, was satisfying without having to revisit it.

Who did 13 knee in the groin?

actor Damon Lindelof
The Kicked Man was the man standing in the doorway who Thirteen kicked in the groin after she was released from prison in the Season 7 episode The Dig. He was portrayed by actor Damon Lindelof..

Why did Foreman and 13 split?

Foreman manages to barely hang on to his medical license by disclosing his deception and giving up on the clinical trial. Foreman and Thirteen quickly reconcile. However, House figures that their ongoing relationship is interfering with their work and orders them to split or quit.

Why did Olivia leave House?

Olivia Wilde is taking time off from the Fox hit to shoot a starring role in the big-budget sci-fi Western Cowboys & Aliens. “Olivia will be there at the very beginning of the season, and then she will not be there for a period of time,” explains executive producer Katie Jacobs.

Who replaced 13 on House?

Fox also revealed Masters would be in a recurring and temporal capacity, replacing Olivia Wilde as Thirteen until Wilde finished filming Cowboys and Aliens, a film released on July 2011. After Wilde’s return, Tamblyn’s character was retired from the series.

Why did Foreman and Thirteen break up?

What episode does 13 get out of jail?

The Dig
The team treats a patient with a secret home life. Thirteen is released from prison. House enlists Thirteen to participate in a spud gun competition.

Is House in love with Wilson?

Hugh Laurie agreed when an interviewer called Wilson “the other love of [House’s] life”. He also famously said he can easily see House getting it on with Cuddy, Cameron, or Wilson. Katie Jacobs, executive producer of House, once implied this too.

Why was Chase fired House?

I like you.” At the end of Season 3, Chase is promptly fired by House following an outburst over his treatment of Foreman but the official reason given to Chase is that “It’s time for a change” and that “he has been around the longest and has learned all he can from House.” However, it is more likely that Chase was …

What happens to Martha Masters in House?

After Wilde’s return, Tamblyn’s character was retired from the series. However, she returned in a cameo appearance in the final episode of the series.

Are Lisa Edelstein and Hugh Laurie friends?

Lisa has also reunited with Peter Jacobson, and she’s still friends with much of the show’s writing staff. She also keeps in touch with House creator David Shore via text. But noticeably absent from that list is Hugh Laurie, Robert Sean Leonard, and Olivia Wilde, who Lisa said she hasn’t seen recently.

Did Cameron lose a baby?

When the infant died, House sent Cameron to tell the news to patient’s mother. When she protested, House told Wilson to follow her and make sure that she did her job. However, when confronting the parents, Cameron froze up and Wilson did the job for her.