What trauma level is Wellstar Paulding Hospital?

What trauma level is Wellstar Paulding Hospital?

Level IV Trauma Center
As a result of its commitment to advanced trauma care, Wellstar Paulding Hospital was recently designated a Level IV Trauma Center by the Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH).

How many beds does Wellstar Paulding have?

Identification and Characteristics

Name and Address: WellStar Paulding Hospital 2518 Jimmy Lee Smith Parkway Hiram, GA 30141
Total Staffed Beds: 294
Total Patient Revenue: $1,201,096,160
Total Discharges: 8,509
Total Patient Days: 35,913

What are the components of emergency preparedness at Wellstar?

Wellstar has advanced technology, processes, protocols, and equipment to keep our patients and team members safe and includes:

  • Safe patient handling equipment.
  • Advanced simulation labs to develop clinical skills.
  • Medication bar code scanning.
  • Smart IV pumps to prevent medication errors.

What defines emergency care?

‘Emergency Care’ means inpatient and outpatient hospital services necessary to prevent the death or serious impairment of the health of the recipient.

When did Wellstar Paulding open?

Wellstar Paulding Hospital was built in 2014 and features 112 private inpatient rooms.

What are the 7 steps in emergency cases?

You will learn these important skills and more:

  • Communicate and reunite with your family after a disaster.
  • Safely shelter in your home and evacuate.
  • Assemble essential items for your family’s needs.
  • Prepare your home for any type of disaster.
  • Prevent injury and reduce loss.

When must an emergency response be planned?

You must have plans in place to respond effectively to health and safety incidents and other emergencies that might occur at an event. This emergency plan should to be in proportion to the level of risk presented by event activities and the potential extent and severity of the incident.

What is are the best way to get help for emergency care?

Call 911. While waiting for paramedics, make sure the person does not hurt themselves. “If they fall down, get everyone away from them,” says Ramirez. “Don’t get near them; they could hurt you.

How many beds does Wellstar Kennestone have?

633Wellstar Kennestone Hospital / Number of beds

When was new Paulding County Hospital built?

What is the first thing you do in case of emergency?

First Things to Do in Any Emergency Decide whether it is safer to evacuate or shelter-in-place. Once safely evacuated or sheltered-in-place, call for help using 911 and clearly explain what you know about the situation. Provide first aid for any injured people. Move any people who are injured away from further danger.

Can you call the ER before going?

This does not guarantee you will be seen sooner, as all emergency department patients are triaged, or sorted, with the most serious conditions seen first. However, having your doctor call ahead can ensure that the most accurate information about your condition is communicated with the emergency department staff.

Should I call the ER before going?

You should call 911 or come right to the ER if you’re systemically sick – that’s when an illness affects your entire body, and you have severe pain or sudden onset of severe symptoms, a fever that won’t break, or “something doesn’t work,” like you’re unable to move an arm or leg or breathe normally.

What is considered an emergency situation?

An emergency is an urgent, sudden, and serious event or an unforeseen change in circumstances that necessitates immediate action to remedy harm or avert imminent danger to life, health, or property; an exigency.

What are 5 examples of emergency situations?

Five emergency situations include chest pain, choking, stroke, heavy bleeding and severe head injury….Two questions often asked about emergencies

  • Is it safe to move the person having an emergency?
  • Will the ambulance be faster?

Is kennestone a Level 1 trauma center?

Wellstar Health System, which has the largest trauma network in the state, has announced that the Wellstar Kennestone Hospital Trauma Center has been verified as one of only four Georgia Level II Trauma Centers by the American College of Surgeons (ACS).

What is Kennestone Hospital known for?

As one of the Top 100 hospitals, Wellstar Kennestone offers the most advanced care available for all your surgical, medical, rehabilitative and emergency care needs.

What should you not do in an emergency?

Don’t call 911 unless there is a life-threatening emergency.

  • Don’t drink, eat, or smoke anything during an emergency from a chemical source or unknown explosion until you are out of harm’s way.
  • Don’t go anywhere except to your designated meeting place after escaping from an emergency scene.