What time does Destiny 2 witch queen come out?

What time does Destiny 2 witch queen come out?

Other than the expected returning raid, the Witch Queen will introduce a new one. We don’t know its name just yet but we do know that it’ll be set within the Pyramid ship on Savathun’s Throne World and it will debut on March 5, 2022, at 10:00 a.m. PST (1 PM EST).

When did the Destiny 2 update come out?


Destiny 2 – Expansion II: Warmind
Publisher(s) Activision (2017–2019) Bungie (2019–2020)
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows PlayStation 4 Xbox One Stadia
Release May 8, 2018
Genre(s) Action role-playing, first-person shooter

Is Destiny 2 sunsetting gone?

Sunsetting was phased out for new weapons in February 2021. In short, sunsetting worked as follows: Every armour piece and weapon will have a max power level to which it can be infused to.

Will Destiny Unsunset weapons?

Unsunset everything except Recluse, Mountain Top, Revoker and sunset Felwinter’s lie.

Should I get rid of my sunset weapons?

Overall, there is no reason to keep most of Destiny 2’s guns sunset now, and reverting the change would be good for the community and Bungie. Destiny 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Is Drang a sunset?

Drang is not being sunset, and Sturm just got better with this buff so yeah, keep an eye on this one.

How do you farm loud lullaby?

To get the Loud Lullaby you will need to purchase the Essence of Brutality quest from the lectern found on the Moon by Eris Morn. You will need to have one Phantasmal Core, which can be purchased by turning in 20 Phantasmal Fragments or by completing the two Weekly Letern Moon Bounties.

Is mountaintop still good 2022?

It’s still “good” but there’s way better grenade launchers out there. It’s ok for anything that doesn’t require a certain lightlevel or where lightlevel advantages are turned off.. Keep in mind that MT was nerfed so it’s not borderline easy to use as it was before.

Are all Moon weapons sunset?

In short, almost all the Moon and Dreaming City weapons are now being un-sunset, as opposed to just a small handful before this. And each are getting at least one new perk in their pool, allowing for new potential god rolls.