What role did Jean Kasem play on Cheers?

What role did Jean Kasem play on Cheers?

Loretta Tortelli
Career. Kasem played the recurring role of Loretta Tortelli, the wife of Nick Tortelli (Dan Hedaya) on Cheers and as a cast-member of the short-lived spinoff The Tortellis.

Who played Tortelli’s wife on Cheers?

Jean Kasem
Loretta Tortelli is a character on the American television show Cheers, portrayed by Jean Kasem. Loretta was Nick Tortelli’s ditzy blonde trophy second wife who occasionally stopped by Cheers with Nick. The two were wed in the second season episode “Battle of the Exes”.

Who played Loretta in Cheers?

Jean KasemLoretta Tortelli / Played by

How old is Kerri Kasem?

50 years (July 12, 1972)Kerri Kasem / Age

Who is Jean Kasem married to?

Casey KasemJean Kasem / Spouse (m. 1980–2014)

Is Kerry Kasem a Scientologist?

Kerri Kasem has worked as a volunteer for the Church of Scientology as part of its Volunteer Ministers program in Haiti during the 2010 Haiti earthquake crisis and in Texas when Hurricane Harvey hit.

Who played Carla’s daughter in law on Cheers?

Bobbie Eakes
During Carla’s absence, Sam and Rebecca hire two temporary waitresses—Annie, Carla’s daughter-in-law and Laurie (Bobbie Eakes), a pretty young woman recommended by Mr. Drake.

Who played Carla’s sister Annette on Cheers?

Rhea Perlman
Rhea Perlman: Carla Tortelli, Annette Lozupone.

Was Casey Kasem Middle Eastern?

Born Kamel Amin Kasem on April 27, 1932, to a Lebanese Druze immigrant father and a Lebanese American mother, Kasem’s humble beginnings tell a tale of a first generation Arab American who succeeded in accomplishing his American Dream.

How tall is Kerri Kasem?

5′ 6″Kerri Kasem / Height

Did Casey Kasem wife hide his body?

“She’s hiding the body away from the authorities, family and friends.” Jean – who has the legal rights to Kasem’s body – originally collected her husband’s remains from St. Anthony Hospital in Tacoma, Washington. But a month after his death, Kasem remained unburied in a nearby funeral home.