What race is Brianne tju?

What race is Brianne tju?

Life and career She is the older sister of actress Haley Tju. She is of Chinese and Indonesian heritage.

What has Brianne tju been in?

47 Meters Down: Uncaged2019I Know What You Did Last Sum…2021Light As a Feather2018 – 2019Medo Profundo 2 ‑ O Segund…Three Months2022Gone in the Night2022
Brianne Tju/Movies and TV shows

What race is Haley tju?

Tju was born in Southern California, and grew up in Chino Hills, California. She began acting at the age of four, and was home schooled. She is of Chinese and Indonesian descent.

Is Haley Tju Chinese?

Actress born and raised in California to Chinese/ Indonesian parents. Has four siblings.

Does Brianne tju have a twin?

Biography. Brianne was born in Los Angeles, California, to Indonesian and Chinese family. She has three sisters, and one brother. One of the sisters is Haley Tju, also an actress.

Who plays Alex Liv and Maddie?

Brianne Tju
Liv and Maddie (TV Series 2013–2017) – Brianne Tju as Alex – IMDb.

What age is Haley tju?

21 years (February 15, 2001)Haley Tju / Age

Is Haley tju Chinese?

Who voices Anne in Amphibia?

Brenda Song
In the animated series “Amphibia,” Brenda Song voices the lead character, Anne Boonchuy, a Thai American teenager who finds herself transported to a mystical land populated by anthropomorphic amphibians. While there, Anne befriends a family of frogs, including one named Sprig.

What is Parker’s middle name?

Parker is portrayed by Tenzing Norgay Trainor….Obi-Wan Finale – The Loop.

Parker Rooney
Biographical information
Full Name Parker Rooney

How old is brec?

23 years (May 25, 1999)Brec Bassinger / Age

Does sprig have ADHD?

Thurop Van Orman was once considered for Sprig’s voice. Sprig claims that he has a short attention span. This, combined with his excitable personality, implies that he has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Who is older Liv or Maddie?

When Liv and Maddie celebrate their sweet sixteen in “Sweet 16-a-Rooney”, Karen states that Liv, who was born at 11:56 PM, is six minutes older than Maddie, who was technically born a day later. Liv’s siblings affectionately call her “Hollywood”.

Who is brec Bassinger’s father?

Brec Bassinger was born on 25th May 1999 in Saginaw, Texas, to Raymond Marie and Shelly Bassinger. She grew up alongside two brothers: Beric and Brice.

Who is brec Bassingers mum?

Family, Boyfriend & Relationships

Father Name Raymond Marie
Mother Name Shelley Bassinger
Brother Name Beric and Brice
Boyfriend Dylan Summerall
Marital Status Unmarried