What part of Barcelona has the best nightlife?

What part of Barcelona has the best nightlife?

What part of Barcelona has the best nightlife? Port OIimpic is the best place for clubbing, as you’ll find several large beach clubs next to each other, such as Opium, Pacha, CDLC, Shoko and Catwalk. The best bars are usually found in the Gothic Quarter, El Born and Raval.

Which is the best club in Barcelona?

Best clubs in Barcelona

  • Jamboree. Music. Music venues.
  • Magic Club. Music. Sant Pere, Santa Caterina i la Ribera.
  • Sidecar Factory Club. Music. Music venues.
  • Red58. Clubs. Eixample.
  • Nitsa/Astin (Sala Apolo) Music. Music venues.
  • Loft (Sala Razzmatazz) Music. Music venues.
  • Marula Café Clubs. El Gòtic.
  • City Hall. Music. Dreta de l’Eixample.

What is the biggest nightclub in Spain?

Privilege Ibiza
Privilege Ibiza, originally known as Ku Club (1979–95), is the “world’s largest nightclub” according to the Guinness Book of Records, also defined as a superclub with a capacity of 10,000 people.

What age can you go clubbing in Barcelona?

The age to get into clubs in Barcelona varies among the different venues. Some allow people 18 and older in, while others require a person to be 21 to gain admittance. However, some experts will say that the bouncers will sometimes look the other way, allowing people in who are below 18.

What do you wear to bars in Barcelona?

Dress code for Barcelona clubs Guys should go for dark shoes rather than light ones and avoid trainers like the plague. For women, heels aren’t common at most of Barcelona’s clubs, except the fanciest ones. The beachfront clubs generally have much smart dress codes, with dresses for women and collared shirts for guys.

Is Barcelona good for nightlife?

Barcelona is a city known for its amazing nightlife. There is a huge variety in bars, pubs and clubs. From a tiny, cozy traditional Spanish bar to a lot of different amazing clubs.

Where do black people party in Barcelona?

Located in Plaza Reial, right next to Las Ramblas, Jamboree is known for its amazing jazz sessions and laid back environment. If you’re looking for the place where all the cool kids hang out, then you’ve found it! Every night, Jamboree hosts the best R&B and Hip Hop parties in Barcelona!

What do you wear to a club in Barcelona?

Where has the best nightlife in Spain?

5 of the best Spanish nightlife destinations

  • Playa de las Americas, Tenerife. The popular town of Playa de las Americas, is a sun-seekers paradise.
  • Playa del Ingles, Gran Canaria.
  • Magaluf, Majorca.
  • San Antonio, Ibiza.
  • Barcelona.

Do clubs in Spain ask for ID?

Before we begin, it is worth noting that the official legal age limit for nightclub entry in Ibiza is 18. Therefore, nightclubs are generally obliged to ask you for ID on entry. Acceptable forms of identification are a valid passport or driver’s license with a photograph and full name.

How do people dress for clubs in Barcelona?

Is it expensive in Barcelona?

While Barcelona can be expensive when compared to other Spanish cities, at an average cost of €60-120 per person per day you’ll likely still find it more affordable than many other Western European cities if travelling on a mid-range budget.

What do you wear to nightlife in Barcelona?

How expensive is Barcelona?

3 Days in Barcelona Travel Costs

Expenses Estimated Daily Cost Estimated Total Cost
Food $20 – $40 $60 – $120
Drink $5 – $30 $15 – $90
Attractions $20 – $40 $60 – $120
Total (excluding airfare) $77.50 – $240 $232.50 – $720

What should I wear on a night out in Barcelona?

How do I party in Barcelona?

Where to Party in Barcelona

  1. Razzmatazz. One of the city’s biggest clubs can be found in an old warehouse in the industrial Poble Nou area of Barcelona.
  2. Sala Apolo. This former theatre is a favorite of Barcelona’s young, alternative and hipster crowd.
  3. Macarena.
  4. Moog.
  5. Magic Club.
  6. La Terraza.
  7. Marula Cafe.

Are Barcelona clubs strict?

Barcelona is one of the best places in nightlife known for being one of the best cities in nightlife and strict when it comes to its dress code. The Best VIP clubs in Barcelona are very strict concerning dress code, you should dress to impress. We recommend you avoid the use of hoods, caps, and flip-flops.

Does Barcelona have clubs?

Barcelona is a city where you can find underground clubs, terraces and rooftops and even incredible bars, but it is undoubtedly its clubs and discotheques that set the pace of the night. Each venue has unique characteristics that are worth discovering for yourself.