What other materials can be used to make a wire sculpture?

What other materials can be used to make a wire sculpture?

Artists and sculptors rely on premium wire to create intimate wire sculptures and sturdy armatures for ceramics, plaster, and paper sculpture. Most of this wire is aluminum, a lightweight metal known for its flexibility and malleability; copper is a little sturdier but also malleable.

What is paper mache sculpture?

What is Paper Mache? Paper mache—derived from papier-mâché, or “chewed paper” in French—is a sculpting medium made up of paper pieces that have been bound by an adhesive paste. Today, two popular methods are predominantly used to craft a paper mache creation.

What wire is best for sculpting?

The best wire for sculptures generally is a higher gauge wire that is either aluminum, copper, or sterling silver. You’ll want a wire that can bend without heat but also holds its shape.

Does paper mache stick to wire?

Creative design possibilities are endless with this creative craft. The term papier-mache often makes people recall a popular school project in which balloons are used as a base, with newspaper glued to the balloon. But papier-mache can also be made using cardboard, glass and wire as base objects.

What kind of wire do you use for paper mache?

Paper mache is fun to use for both adults and kids. It’s also inexpensive, and more versatile than you might think. Creating a sculpture requires an armature, and one of the most flexible materials for this frame-work is chicken wire.

What is the technique used in wire sculpture?

Wire sculptors also use different techniques to create their artwork. One of the most popular techniques is called wire wrapping, where artists either loop, bend, or wrap a single wire or several wires to form a desired shape. Other artists use a welding technique to join several wires together into the intended form.

How do you glue paper to wire?


  1. Glue dots. Roll them into a line, then attach to the wire.
  2. Punch 1/16″ holes in the paper at each end of the word.
  3. Sew it on with matching or invisible (clear) thread.
  4. Crystal Effects will also glue it down, but may show up on your page or card as a shiny spot.

Can you paper mache over wire?