What kind of music does KT Tunstall play?

What kind of music does KT Tunstall play?

KIN. Last week, Scottish pop singer-songwriter KT Tunstall released her sixth solo album, KIN, just two years after she seriously contemplated taking a substantial decade-long break from her solo career to concentrate on penning music for movies in Los Angeles.

What is KT Tunstall real name?

Kate Victoria TunstallKT Tunstall / Full name

How old is Katie Tunstall?

47 years (June 23, 1975)KT Tunstall / Age

What does KT Tunstall song?

Suddenly I SeeBlack Horse & the Cherry TreeOther Side of the WorldStrange SightFloatUniverse & U
KT Tunstall/Songs

Where is Katie Tunstall from?

Edinburgh, United KingdomKT Tunstall / Place of birth

How old is Kelly Jones?

48 years (June 3, 1974)Kelly Jones / Age

What nationality is Katie Tunstall?

BritishKT Tunstall / Nationality

Is Katy Tunstall married?

Luke BullenKT Tunstall / Spouse (m. 2008–2013)
Relationships and marriage In 2003, Tunstall began dating Luke Bullen, the drummer in her band. On Christmas Day, 2007, Bullen proposed to her at her parents’ home in St Andrews, Scotland, and the couple were married in September 2008.

Does KT Tunstall have kids?

I realised I didn’t want kids. Although I love children and I love hanging out with them, I had no desire to have my own. Despite fashioning myself a very unconventional lifestyle with my music, I had ended up in a really conventional situation.

Who discovered KT Tunstall?

KT Tunstall was seen discovering two sisters she never knew she had in the latest episode of Long Lost Family. Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell returned to help the singer find her birth father during the third episode of the series.

Is Katie Tunstall adopted?

Who did she find on Long Lost Family? Aware that she was adopted, Tunstall experienced a happy childhood growing up in St Andrews, Scotland with a loving adoptive family.

How old is jelly Jones?

Where is KT Tunstall from?

Is Kelly Jones married?

Jakki HealyKelly Jones / Spouse (m. 2013)

Who is KT Tunstall partner?

How old is Stuart Cable?

40 years (1970–2010)Stuart Cable / Age at death