What is your ethnicity if you are from Nigeria?

What is your ethnicity if you are from Nigeria?

The three biggest ethnic groups in Nigeria, according to the 2008 DHS, are Hausa (22.5 %), Yoruba (18 %), and Igbo (15.5 %). Fulani and Ijaw/Izon comprise only 6 and 4 % of the population, respectively.

What are the 3 ethnic groups in Nigeria?

wazobia Generic term for the three ‘hegemonic’ ethnic groups in Nigeria: Hausa-Fulani of the north, the Yoruba of the southwest, and the Igbo of the southeast. Nigeria is a country characterized by intense ethnic polarization and conflict.

What does ethnicity mean in Nigeria?

Nigeria Table of Contents. Ethnicity is one of the keys to understanding Nigeria’s pluralistic society. It distinguishes groupings of peoples who for historical reasons have come to be seen as distinctive–by themselves and others–on the basis of locational origins and a series of other cultural markers.

How many ethnicities are in Nigeria?

Nigeria has over 250 ethnic groups, the most populous and politically influential being Hausa-Fulani 29%, Yoruba 21%, Igbo (Ibo) 18%, Ijaw 10%, Kanuri 4%, Ibibio 3.5%, Tiv 2.5%. It also has over 500 languages, with English being the official language.

What are the types of ethnicity?

Categorizing Race and Ethnicity

  • White.
  • Black or African American.
  • American Indian or Alaska Native.
  • Asian.
  • Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander.

What’s your ethnicity?

Ethnicity: Your ethnicity refers to your background heritage, culture, religion, ancestry or sometimes the country where you were born. For New York State reporting, we are specifically collecting whether or not your ethnicity is Hispanic, Latino or of Spanish Origin.

What are the 6 ethnic groups in Nigeria?

Since Hausa and Fulani prefer being paired and called Hausa, it is appropriate to have six major ethnic groups representing each of the six geo-political zones, namely: Hausa (North-West), Yoruba (South-West), Igbo (South East), Tiv (North-Central), Ijaw (South-South) and Kanuri (North-East).

What are 5 examples of ethnic?