What is tubular radiators?

What is tubular radiators?

Tubular Radiators are a perfect answer to those ugly flat panel wall radiators which take up a significant amount of wall space. Ideal for use in extensions/conservatories or anywhere wall space is at its premium our Tubular Radiators offer a discreet, stylish and highly efficient heating system.

Which radiators are best for heat output?

Central heating radiators These radiators have the highest heat output and greatest heating efficiency of all plumbed radiator styles, making them a popular choice in many homes.

Are column radiators efficient?

In summary, column radiators are an energy efficient way of heating your home. Although panel radiators remain a popular option in many homes, steel column radiators are far more efficient because they have a larger surface area and can heat the air around them much more effectively than a panel radiator can.

How does a tubular heater work?

Regardless of the actual construction – it varies according to watt density, size, shape and sheath – a tubular heater produces heat within a confined area. The resultant heat is directly radiated into the material, conducted via a suitable liquid or convected via a forced-air system.

What is a 4 column radiator?

4 column radiators offer high heat output making them ideal for larger rooms. They are in fact made from steel and are a contemporary twist on a classic design, giving great heat without sacrificing looks.

What’s the difference between 2 column and 3 column radiators?

3-column radiators have a deeper projection so are ideal for large spaces whereas 2-column radiators will fit small rooms and narrow hallways much better. A larger radiator such as a 3-column radiator will offer a higher heat output compared to a 2-column radiator of the same height and width.

Do column radiators give off more heat?

When compared with a standard convector radiator that has one or two rows of convector fins down the back of the main body of the rad, you’ll find that a column radiator emits a greater amount of heat much more efficiently and is arguably more effective at heating the room.

Are tubular heaters expensive to run?

Tubular heaters are generally very cheap to run. Most tubular heaters won’t exceed 120 watts to run them making them a very cheap option for indoor heating.

Where should a tubular heater be installed?

IMPORTANT – THE TUBULAR HEATER MUST ONLY BE INSTALLED IN THE HORIZONTAL PLANE. Warning: It is essential that the product cannot come into any contact with any fabric material. IMPORTANT – The wall brackets supplied with the appliance must be used.

What is a triple column radiator?

3 column radiators are sometimes called Victorian radiators. Based on a traditional design with modern features and looks and manufactured from steel, these stylish products would be a great addition to any room. Offering generous heat output makes them ideal for medium or larger sized rooms.

Do radiators need feet?

You’ll need radiator feet to hand when the time comes to install your new designer radiator. Although radiator feet aren’t required for many of our designer radiators and are a matter of personal taste, they are a handy accessory to have ready for installation.

Are tall radiators less efficient?

Upright radiators are in fact just as efficient as horizontal radiators and their tall, narrow design allows them to be placed in areas which would otherwise be unused.