What is the Word suavity mean?

What is the Word suavity mean?

noun, plural suav·i·ties. a suave or smoothly agreeable quality. suavities, suave or courteous actions or manners; amenities.

What are some synonyms of suavity?

synonyms for suavity

  • affability.
  • amenity.
  • courtesy.
  • diplomacy.
  • mildness.
  • propriety.
  • suaveness.
  • urbanity.

Is Suave a negative word?

Meaning of suave in English. A suave man is very polite, pleasant, and usually attractive, often in a way that is slightly false: He’s very suave and sophisticated.

Is Suave a compliment?

Although it’s an old fashioned compliment, suave has morphed into something meaning a little bit cheesy.

How do you use suavity in a sentence?

She could not resist Adam’s charming suavity. At parties, she often attracted men who wanted to impress her with their suavity. For all his suavity, he is no James Bond.

What is the opposite of suavity?

Antonyms & Near Antonyms for suavity. awkwardness, gaucheness, gracelessness, maladroitness.

Does suave mean handsome?

Suave definition The definition of suave is someone smooth, confident and charming, usually describing a man. An attractive, successful man with lots of confidence is an example of someone who would be described as suave.

What is the true definition of love?

noun. a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person. a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend. sexual passion or desire.

What is suave and charming?

Someone who is suave is charming, polite, and elegant, but may be insincere. He is a suave, cool and cultured man. Synonyms: smooth, charming, urbane, debonair More Synonyms of suave.

What does suave mean for a woman?

1 : smoothly though often superficially gracious and sophisticated. 2 : smooth in texture, performance, or style.

What is an antonym for suavity?

How do you use audacity in a sentence?

Examples of audacity in a Sentence I could not believe their audacity. He had the audacity to suggest that it was all my fault.

Is bluntness a word?

noun frankness, forthrightness, openness, candour, truthfulness, plain speaking, outspokenness His bluntness got him into trouble.

What do you call a hot guy?


  • attractive.
  • bonny.
  • comely.
  • easy on the eyes.
  • fine-looking.
  • good-looking.
  • gorgeous.
  • handsome.

How does one define love?

According to the dictionary, love is “an intense feeling of deep affection.” Meanwhile, Urban Dictionary defines love as, “The act of caring and giving to someone else. Having someone’s best interest and wellbeing as a priority in your life. To truly love is a very selfless act.”

How do you suave with a woman?

But, there are some style tips you can consider that will help you out!

  1. Dress For The Occasion. The key to looking suave is knowing when exactly you need to dress it down and play your style up.
  2. Dress To Impress.
  3. Look For A Style Icon.
  4. Accessories Are Cool.
  5. Be Hygienic.