What is the Weather like in the fjords in September?

What is the Weather like in the fjords in September?

In September, days get shorter, the air becomes crisper, and golden hues begin to appear making it a dazzling time to visit Norway’s fjords. Temperatures in the southern portion of the coast fall in the low 60s Fahrenheit during the day, and 50s in the evening.

What is the Weather like in Norway in Sept?

September Weather in Oslo Norway. Daily high temperatures decrease by 9°F, from 64°F to 55°F, rarely falling below 49°F or exceeding 71°F. Daily low temperatures decrease by 7°F, from 48°F to 41°F, rarely falling below 32°F or exceeding 55°F.

What clothes to wear in Norway in September?

Dress in layers with warm clothing inside and windproof and waterproof outer layer. A light scarf, light head cover and light gloves can be useful if you want spend time outdoor. Hello Hamged, Whatever the season, the Norwegian weather is liable to change from day to day.

Is Norway Nice in September?

September is an especially wonderful time to visit Norway, as the last bits of summer transition into the golden hues of early fall. Temperatures in southern Norway are in the 60s Fahrenheit during the day, 50s in the evening.

Can you see the Northern Lights in Norway in Sept?

Norway’s peak season for the Northern Lights is between September and March, though that’s to do more with the long, dark nights at this time of year rather than an increase in solar activity.

What do I need to know before traveling to Norway?

17 Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Norway

  • Norway is a Scandinavian Country.
  • Polar Bears do not Walk in the Streets.
  • The Norwegian currency is NOK (Norwegian Krone)
  • Most Norwegians Speak English.
  • Norway is a Safe Country to Visit.
  • Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall.
  • Always Bring an Extra Layer of Clothes.

Is Norway expensive to visit?

Norway is also known as one of the most expensive countries in Europe. Accommodation, food, and transportation can all be quite pricey. Whether you’re in the city or countryside, you can expect to spend a good amount on travel, but there are a few tips that can help you save some money.

What is the cheapest month to visit Norway?

The cheapest ticket to Norway found for each month in 2022 based on historical flight searches by Cheapflights users. October is currently the cheapest month to fly to Norway. At this moment in time June is the most expensive month.

How much does it cost to see the Northern Lights in Norway?

Northern Lights one-night tours The prices of the Northern Lights tours in Reykjavik (Iceland) start at $ 50 per person, while in other places, they can be much more expensive. For example, the Northern Lights tours in Tromso (Norway) start at $ 80.

Can you see the Northern Lights in Norway in September?

During September, October, and November, you have the chance to see the Northern Lights in Norway when visiting above the Arctic Circle. It starts to get dark from early afternoon in September and by late November, there are few direct sunlight hours at all in Northern Norway.

How much is a cup of coffee in Norway?

Drink prices in Norway Coffee or tea costs 25-30 NOK/ 3-4 EUR. Cappuccino or late costs around 50 NOK / 5 EUR. Beer prices at a café usually start around 70- 90 NOK/ 7-9 EUR.

Is there a ferry from Norway to Iceland?

The new ferry “Norröna” of the shipping company Smyril Line cruises the North Atlantic visiting Denmark, the Faroe Islands, Iceland and Norway. The ferry is both a passenger and cargo ship. The passenger part is of a cruise ship standard, so that the time on board becomes a natural part of the travellers’ holiday.

What should I avoid in Norway?

11 Things Tourists Should Never Do in Norway

  • Expect to buy strong alcohol at the supermarket…
  • …or even beer, at certain hours and certain days.
  • Say anything negative about the King, ever.
  • Get a taxi without checking their budget first.
  • Drink publicly on a weekday.
  • Only eat at burger places and pølse (hot dog) stands.