What is the time limit for presentation of election petition?

What is the time limit for presentation of election petition?

-A petition shall not be filed earlier than the date of election 4 the returned candidate; and may be filed by any candidate at the election or by any elector within forty-five days from the date of election of the returned candidate or if there are more than one returned candidates at the election and the dates of …

What is an electoral petition?

An election petition refers to the procedure for challenging the result of a Parliamentary election.

What is the highest court of law in Nigeria?

The Supreme Court of Nigeria
The Supreme Court of Nigeria is the highest court in Nigeria. It is based in the capital, Abuja. The Supreme Court is mainly a court of appellate jurisdiction and is the final appeal court in the country. It also has original jurisdiction in State vs.

Where is Supreme Court located in Nigeria?

The Supreme Court of Nigeria (SCN) is the highest court in Nigeria, and is located in the Central District, Abuja, in what is known as the Three Arms Zone, so called due to the proximity of the offices of the Presidential Complex, the National Assembly, and the Supreme Court.

Who has power to decide an election petition?

Supreme Court and High Court has the power to decide election petition.

Which order of Supreme Court rules deals with election petition?

An election petition calling in question an election may be presented on one or more of the grounds specified in sub-section (1) of section 18 and section 19, to the Supreme Court by any candidate at such election, or- (1) in the case of Presidential election, by twenty or more electors joined together as petitioners.” …

Who is the founder of Supreme Court?

The foundation stone of the Supreme Court’s building was laid on 29 October 1954 by Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the first President of India.

Who adjudicate the election dispute?

The 19th Amendment removed the provision relating to the power of “the appointment of election tribunals for the decision of doubts and disputes arising out of or in connection with elections to Parliament and to the Legislatures of States”. An Act further to amend the Constitution of India.

What comes after affidavit in a petition?

Rejoinder Affidavit is the response by the petitioner to the counter affidavit filed by the respondent. Rejoinder affidavit may include response to the response to the new facts raised through the affidavit filed by the respondent. Rejoinder is reply to the Counter Filed by the Opposite party .

What are the circumstances when court allow the petition?

The Supreme Court observed that, when an alternate remedy is available, a writ petition under Article 226 of the Constitution can be entertained by a High Court only in following exceptional circumstances:(i) a breach of fundamental rights; (ii) a violation of the principles of natural justice; (iii) an excess of …

What is a petition in history?

A petition is a request to do something, most commonly addressed to a government official or public entity. Petitions to a deity are a form of prayer called supplication. In the colloquial sense, a petition is a document addressed to some official and signed by numerous individuals.

How many types of petitions are there?

There are five writ petition types in the Indian constitution, which you can file either before the High Court or Supreme Court such as: Habeas Corpus. Mandamus. Prohibition.

How many courts are in Nigeria?

Special courts in Nigeria Besides the eight main courts listed above, there are special judicial bodies in the country known as tribunals. Generally, a tribunal is a special judicial body created to settle disputes arising from a specific area of the law.

Who is the first Chief Justice?

Justice Harilal Jekisundas Kania
Justice Harilal Jekisundas Kania was the first (Indian) Chief Justice of India.